Candle holders


The pictures attached to the original pin were beautiful. This was so visually appealing that as soon as I started completing pins, I wanted to try this one. It took me a while to find some of the stuff I needed so I’ve only recently done this.
Step one is to buy some vellum, which I had a hard time finding.
Once you have the vellum you print your picture in black and white, or a sepia tone would be really pretty too! Choose a vase or any clear glass, smooth edged holder.
Then we go back to my old friend mod podge. You run some mod podge over the glass surface and gently place your picture.
I went all out the first time and did an 8×10 of our Gettysburg family picture on a tall glass vase. I quickly realized this is not a simple process! I had so many bubbles under the surface that the picture was almost unrecognizable. When I tried to smooth them out, I tore the vellum. It is very delicate after all. There was also the problem of ink running when combined with glue through vellum.
I decided to go small the next time around and chose this small votive holder and used my children’s 3 and 6 year old pictures.
If you want to try this, I would definitely recommend starting small with a practice votive holder!
I have another vellum picture from Gettysburg ready to go, and the original vase washed clean so I can start fresh.
Truthfully, I’m working up to it because its a little intimidating. I’m thinking these would make wonderful Christmas gifts, or maybe an anniversary gift.
As you can tell by the picture on the left, be sure the light level will shine through your whole picture.
Il try to post a picture of the final project when I get it right…..
Original pin can not be credited due to a bad link, but directions, other than the ones included in this post, can be found on my crafty&decor board, ads061006.
Happy crafting!