Balloon Valentine


Wow, it’s not even February and I’m done with the kids Valentines. Go me! I’ve had this site pinned for a little while and I decided this is the year is the right year for this.


To do this Valentine, you need your pictures, with or without added text. Have your kid hold their hand up, as if holding a balloon. Then you need a straight blade, I used my trusty work box cutter, and balloons.


When you are cutting, cut your lines above and below the fist. You don’t need wide cuts, like the picture on the left. Thin, almost invisible lines, like those on the right, work just as well.


Then you thread the balloon through the cuts. The easiest method for this is to gently bend the photo and thread through both cuts in one motion.

Then you have your finished Valentines. Ready to offer balloons to your children’s classmates.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Send a Hug

This was a really cute pin that I found. It’s been on my Valentine board for a little while, but it seemed easy enough to make this at the same time as our Valentines this year.
I really enjoyed the idea of a hug you can mail, as we have a lot of family that lives out of state.


You start, at least the way I made them, by outlining and cutting out your children’s hands on paper, you’ll want something about as thick as scrapbooking or construction paper. These are Arthur and Chiara’s hands. Aren’t they adorable?!


Your next step is to take some yarn, or ribbon and cut a length that goes from hand to hand. I went to about the middle of their hands to allow room to attach it.


I used tape and one staple per hand to attach my red yarn.

Now you have a hug you can send to a special family member who may be missing their young family members. It’s also a reminder at how fast they grow. When they get older, you’ll have that reminder of how their little arms would have to stretch for a hug!

Happy hugging all!

Have a Valentine

Have a Valentine
It’s rolling around to the time where kids exchange those cutsie cards, or little candy treats, maybe even both! I remember the excitement, when I was younger, of getting to pick out which one I got to give out to all my classmates. Of course this was all pre-Pinterest, and I had no idea of the excitement I would experience when my kids turn came! I won’t lie to you, the first two years my son was in preschool, also Pre-Pinterest, I bought the cute little boxes of Valentine’s at Wal-Mart. Last year I did a Pinterest Valentine, and if you want those details, you can check it out at This year, Arthur is in kindergarten and Chiara is in preschool, so double fun for mommy!
I started this project a few weeks ago by posing my kids in front of a door for a clean backdrop. They thought I was a little crazy. Understandable, as I was making them look off in the distance and hold their fist out. It took a few takes to get one I could work with. Arthur has kind of a silly face on in his, but he’s still one of the cutest six year olds on the planet! He was getting bored with standing there, so I decided it was fine. Once I had the picture, I cropped it to a size I was happy with.
The first time I sent them to be developed in the Wal-Mart photo lab, I had forgot to put the message on the picture. After realizing my mistake, I did a little playing around in paint. I chose simple, and wrote on them “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Arthur” and obviously “Love, Chiara” on her’s. I then sent those to be developed. Be sure you take into account where the top of your sucker will be when you place your words!
When they were finished and ready for pickup, I selected my choice of treats, going with the cherry Blow-Pops. Looking back, they may have been too big for my project, but they still work. After getting back to my hotel room, I’m currently away from home for some training, I sat down with all of my supplies.
I used my trusty Wal-Mart box-cutter, but I needed to be sure not to damage the surface I was cutting on. Before you ask, yes, that is a Pizza Hut box. It was trash anyway, so I could gash it all up. You use your cutter to cut a slit at the top and bottom of the fist. Make sure the slit is big enough to slide a sucker stick through. Then you slide your stick through and you have a Valentine!
I hope you enjoyed this little project. I got my inspiration for this particular one at Be sure to check them out as well!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Fishy Valentine


I know I’m out of season, but this is one of the few pins I completed well before I started blogging myself!
Arthur just finished his last year of preschool, he’s off to kindergarten this fall, and I didn’t want to do the traditional store bought valentines. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them, but I’ve always bought them, so I wanted to be different this year.
Schools these days are really cracking down on what’s healthy and what’s not. I’m not saying my kids sit around popping chocolate drops all day, but I don’t see anything wrong with candy every once in a while!
Enough of that rant! I know goldfish are on the approved snack list, so I knew this would be ok with all the other parents.
I’m a big scrapbooker, so I have a whole lot of paper in my stash. Then it was just a matter of making myself a fishbowl stencil and cutting them all out. There weren’t that many kids in his class, so I decided to include his teachers too.
I couldn’t find any bags that would work, primarily because I waited until zero hour to try and put this all together, but a Longaberger friend saved the day with these. Thanks Theresa! I raided Tony’s supply of teeny tiny zip ties, the ones he never uses, to seal them off.
I was really excited with how they turned out, but looking back at the original pin, I found a few differences. I’m ok with those differences, but they are as follows:
1. Original pinner used white paper and drew a water line to show the fish bowl.
2. Somehow the original pinner shaped her bag around the bottom of the fishbowl.
As I said, I’m completely ok with the differences, but just thought you ought to know. ^.^
Happy Valentine’s Day, even though we’re less than half way there!
Original pin is on the blog site