First Day of a New Grade

First Day of School

This whole site was a lot of fun pictures, mostly involving chalk. It was very cool. There was one picture of a little girl stretched out next to the word kindergarten. I was intrigued!
Sadly, my driveway was a little too beat up for this, but I remembered a previous pin that has already proved itself! Check out that blog about trampoline writing here
I made my way outside before bringing Arthur out and went to town, writing in big, if not overly artistic, letters. I don’t claim to be an artist, but it worked for what I wanted! Arthur is always happy to be on the trampoline, and he’s usually happy to pose for pictures. I started out having him stretched out, arms behind his head, as it was in the original photo. It wasn’t really him though. I think when Chiara gets ready for kindergarten, that pose would look great. As you can tell, we ended up going with Arthur sitting up Indian style on top of the word.
After we took several shots of several poses, I chose this as my favorite one. Luckily I got my favorite shot before Chiara worked her way up to the trampoline. The words were smeared inside 5 minutes.
This was a quick and fun thing to do as soon as Arthur got home from school. Good end to his first day of school!
Original pin is included on this site:

Chalky Trampoline


Today was a gorgeous day here in Northeast Ohio. We have had so much rain this past month, a sunny day automatically means outside time, no matter how much stuff there is to do around the house! I had most of today off of work too, so I declared this a Pinterest kind of day, but only outside stuff.
We started with a different project, one that could have been inside, but we decided outside was cleaner. I think we may try that one again before I blog about it, it didn’t go as well as hoped.
Project two was between the kids and I. Tony had some things he needed to accomplish in the garage so we hit the trampoline. I grabbed the sidewalk chalk and Tony was a little confused. I explained what was going on, so he made time to check this out. He was a little impressed.
Out driveway is made of concrete, so sidewalk chalk is very faint when the kids draw on it. We are eventually converting to asphalt, but at the rate we’re going, the kids may be ‘too old’ for sidewalk chalk! Asphalt had the additional side effect of getting too hot in direct sunlight.
The trampoline stays nice and cool, you may have some warmth from direct light, but nothing unbearable. Friendly tip learned from the experiment, don’t have your kids in new clothes! Today was Arthur’s first time wearing one of his new summer outfits and both kids ended up covered in chalk dust! I did too!
The chalk will brush right off when you’re done, it if you’re in a hurry, just hit it with the hose.
The kids really dug on this one. They love chalk in general, but the trampoline was a wonderful backdrop, especially if you have brightly colored chalk!
If you have a trampoline, or a friend who has a trampoline, grab your chalk the next time you go for a bounce. Don’t be afraid of the dust! The kids were laying on it, doing body outlines. It’ll all wash off.
Happy bouncing!
Original pin, along with other trampoline ideas, can be found at