Geocaching: The Lingo

I need to start this post by saying that this is an incomplete list. There are many different sites available that have glossaries of geo-slang, but as for myself, I felt the need to keep reading these ridiculous words and abbreviations, that made no sense, until I found out what they meant.

The first one that started driving me crazy was found while browsing through digital logs: TFTC. It was showing up multiple times, in multiple cache logs. This is a short way to log a find, and it stands for “thanks for the cache”, a close companion to this is TFTH, meaning “thanks for the hide”.

Second weird thing I found in logs was “out collecting smileys”. What the heck could that mean?! I was thinking maybe little smiley face erasers? Nope! I should have figured this one out much sooner, but I was a little slow on this.


When looking at the “live map”, an option on your apps main screen, the caches you have already found show up as smiley faces. It’s cute and quirky, but now you know!

SWAG is a common term in today’s culture. Some of the cache descriptions would have a line, such as “loaded with SWAG”. I figured out pretty quickly that SWAG meant that there were little trade items in the cache, my kids call it treasure. I was browsing through a geocaching website recently and discovered it stands for “Stuff We All Get”.

The most recent term to throw me came from a fellow geocacher. CO. Now, to me, an Army brat, that means Commanding Officer. Luckily, he was right there to ask, so this one was answered quickly. CO stands for Cache Owner. This is the person who placed the cache and is responsible for its upkeep.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of terms, only the ones that made me bonkers or struck me as weird. For the best list of these geo-words, be sure to check out the geocaching glossary. It will fill you in on all the important and not-so-important ones.

Happy caching!