T-shirt Dress


I want to start by apologizing for the T-shirt in the photo. When going to do this pin, I realize there is only one XL shirt in the house, and it’s one of Tony’s work shirts.
This is super easy, but I’ve come to two conclusions. You either need to be a stick figure, like the girl in the original picture and/or you need to use bigger than a 2XL, possibly and big and tall shirt!
It’s really easy. The girl in the original photo did this over another dress, but I thought the original dress was pretty cute. You do need something to tuck into though, so I used a strapless bra. You put the shirt on, sliding your whole body through the neckline. Pull one of the sleeves up and over, tucking the whole opening of the sleeve into the neckline. The sides of the shirt will fold over, helping give the cute look along the front. Then you fold the other sleeve the same way, making sure the sleeves are tucked completely in.
Adjust as you see fit, then go about your business. I like the idea, and I think I will be hitting up a secondhand shop to pick up some really big shirts. I want to work on my upper body a little more first…..
Original picture directions can be found at https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/p480x480/935902_484059871671986_599528537_n.jpg

Dollar T-shirt


Have you ever pinned something, then gone to do it, only to realize there were no instructions at all, just a picture of the finished product? I’ve done that a few times, but luckily have been able to wing it. This one stumped me though, so I fell back on the ever reliable Wikipedia!
This I really similar to my T-shirt napkin I just posted about, but obviously this isn’t a square napkin, so it took some finagling!
Step one: fold your dollar bill like a pamphlet, as shown in image 1. Step 2: like with the napkin, flip it over and fold the top piece back. Step 3: flip your bill back over and fold your corners in until they touch. It should form your ‘collar’
Here’s where I started altering the Wiki directions a bit. Step 4: go to the bottom of your bill and fold as shown in image 4. Step 5: fold the bottom of your bill up about halfway to your ‘collar’. Step 6: fold up the rest of the way an tuck the end under the ‘collar’.
There you have your t-shirt dollar bill. Maybe get a small box and do up several of these as a gift. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel a little lazy just giving someone money. This is a way to dress it up a bit!
Happy folding!
For wiki directions visit http://m.wikihow.com/Make-a-Shirt-out-of-a-One-Dollar-Bill