Super Barbie Birthday Party

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this one. Or the one we went to today, as I didn’t actually put on the birthday party. After all, part of this blog’s appeal, for me, was that I did or experienced these things first hand. Then I realized that I did experience these first hand, and after talking to the mom’s that put on the parties, so we’re a go!


Kids in decorating mode

Favorite part of Pinterest planned parties is always the crafty part. Especially with younger kids! Give them some glitter glue, sparkly stuff and stickers and they are good to go! For a Super Barbie party, you of course are decorating masks!


Chiara made this super sparkly one!

Any respectable Pinterest party idea comes with a “pin the ______ on the _______” option. For Super Barbie, we have Pin the Mask on the Barbie.

Chiara taking her turn

Chiara taking her turn

The kids all did remarkably well on this game, almost all of them getting over the eyes. Yes, they were blindfolded, maybe they were all just above average at this game…… All you need is a picture of Barbie, some cut outs of masks, put some tape on the masks and you are good to go.

Madelyn's mom had an awesome setup

Madelyn’s mom had an awesome setup

I don’t really know why I didn’t get a picture of the cake itself, but Madelyn’s mom did a fantastic job with the food layout. She had the comic book-esque feel, necessary for any superhero party, even a Barbie one.

Adorable food labels

Adorable food labels

We had a blast at this super-fun birthday party. The kids got to keep there masks as their favors, I’m all about making your own party favors at kids parties!

Time to sing to the birthday girl.

Time to sing to the birthday girl.

Party on all, party on!