Hocking Hills, Ohio


I like to add side trips on road trips. It occasionally drives my husband insane, but he usually goes along with it. Yesterday we took our kids to West Virginia, the half way point between my parents and I. Mom and dad wanted to take the kids for a week before bringing them back next weekend. It gives Tony and I chance for some quality time and the kids love spending time with Nana & Papa.
I’ve had this pin for awhile but we haven’t had the chance to get there yet. It’s only a little over two hours away from us, just south of Columbus, yet we couldn’t find the time. It added not quite an hour to our drive, but it was worth it to check this place out to make sure it was good for the kids. We brought the dogs for our drive and they loved it too.
We got there later than I had wanted to, but that usually happens when I spend time with my mom. It was around 7:30 when we got there and there were signs telling us the park closes at dark, unless of course you were using one of the campgrounds or cabins. So we parked at the Cedar Falls parking lot and made our way down the pathway to the falls themselves.
It was a quad burning path, and I definitely felt the burn this morning. They have stairs going down then you wind on through the woods. The whole vibe is very much the land that time forgot. Have you seen the Hunger Games? It reminded Tony of the arena, so of course when he mentioned that u started whistling like Katniss. It was a great moment because all of the rocks were bouncing the sound back at us.
Cedar Falls was beautiful. The picture shows how it splits and comes back. You can walk in the water and get right up under the falls. I waded in a little bit with Zuko, but as we didn’t have a change of clothes or towels, we didn’t want to get too wet.
When we left the falls, we had a little time left, so we started making our way to the Old Man’s Cave. It was a 2 mile hike, and I stress hike, so we didn’t manage to make it all the way there. We did see Ash Cave along the way.
All of these hikes are not for the faint. They do have wooden markers, so you know you haven’t gone off course, but the term path is being used lightly. I ended up going barefoot, note the picture on the left, because flip-flops did not work on our path.
The dogs did really well. Juliet was a little hesitant, but she is 11 years old, and she did much better on the trip back to the van. Zuko was ready to continue on, as a puppy, he has no fear. Tony and I decided we will definitely come back. We’ll either wait for the kids to get a little older, I don’t want to carry Chiara over those paths, or we’ll spend a weekend there, just the two of us. I’ve never been camping, aside from the backyard, and I think this would be alot of fun!
I’d definitely recommend this as a point of interest if you’re passing through the Columbus area. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and have plenty of time to wander. I can’t wait to go back and see the Old Man’s Cave and the Rock Bridge.
Original pin can be found at http://www.hockinghills.com/parks.html and it is also the official site.
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