Take back your drawer space!

Take back your drawer space!

I actually did this to my own drawers weeks ago but of course didn’t take pictures of the before. So I told my husband that I was doing it to his t-shirts. If he didn’t like it, he could put it back, but I think it would save him space. This is easy, and I love the space it saves since my drawer space is extremely limited!
Tony is a t-shirt freak. He probably has enough to wear a different one every day for at least 6 months, and he has a system in his drawers. He separates by color. Yeah, that’s my husband!
The process is pretty simple. You fold the t-shirt in half, so the sleeves line up, with the bigger design facing outward. Fold the sleeves in (as far as I know, this is how most people fold their shirts), then fold the shirt in half again so the neckline is even with the bottom hem. Fold it in half again the same direction so the shirt looks kind of like the notes you used to pass in school.
Once this is done to all of your shirts, you put the shirts in the drawer, not flat, but standing on end. You do need to keep the drawer semi-full for the shirts to remain in place. Pulling one or two out won’t mess it up, but don’t let your laundry pile up too much or you will have to re-stand them all up.
This is a great process that took my husband’s t-shirt space from 5 drawers to 2. I ended up giving him another half a drawer because he had more shirts elsewhere. If you have the urge to buy a gift for my husband, DON’T GET A T-SHIRT!!
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