Lego Toss Game


Super easy and the kids love it. Is there a better kind of birthday game? No there isn’t!

All you need is construction paper and 3 (option of more) Lego pieces. I printed my numbers off the computer, mainly because I don’t draw well. By not well, I mean my 5 year old is a better artist!

I started with my center ring, made with one piece of construction paper. Folded in half, width – wise, then I stapled the ends together to form a ring. That was my 15 – point ring, so I attached that number. The 10 – point ring was made of 2 sheets, folded in thirds, width – wise, and stapled together to form one larger ring. The 5 – point ring was made of 3 sheets folded in quarters width -wise and stapled to form an even larger ring. Then I attached the rings together in the back, with the numbers facing forward.

When you’re ready to play, have the kids stand a predetermined distance from the rings and toss the Lego pieces. I gave the kids 3 pieces each to toss. This game can get a little tricky on hard surfaces, such as wood or tile floors, which is why I have a blanket under my rings. The Legos bounce too much otherwise.

Have fun with it guys! We sure did!