Samsung Galaxy S4


Happy, happy day in the life of SuperStevieD! I got my new phone upgrade today. Needless to say every spare moment today has been spent playing on my new toy….
I’ve been debating phones with myself for months. Tony took the early uograde this year because he was beyond upset with his old phone and I was still content with my iPhone 4. He went with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Yes it’s the giant phone with the S-pen. After about a week he was adjusted to the size and completely in love with his phone.
I had a huge dilemma now! I have been thinking of the iPhone 5 for months, since it’s release, then I was enjoying Tony’s Note II, then I started reading about the S4!
After much internal debate, I settled on the S4. The deciding factor was the camera. I am a picture crazy person and the megapixel count on this phone is higher than my camera! There are a ton of different settings. Night settings, motion settings that allow you to combine a motion shot like surfing or skateboarding, a best face option, and a best photo option.
The core processor is amazing. It is so much faster than my iPhone 4 was. Adjusting to the speed has been interesting.
Some more interesting options include the hand motion feature. You can wave your hand in front of the screen to scroll through the amazing photos you’ve taken or even answer your phone. I’ve had Tony call me twice just to test it!
I can’t begin to explain the specs and all that fun stuff, but I will refer you to for the specific details. I’d love to hear what all of you think of these phones if you have one. If not, be sure to pop in to your local Verizon store where most of them have a live demo now!