Work Intrudes

I was so proud of myself when I started my blog. I did over 100 posts, one a day for almost 4 months. Go me, right? Here recently, we’ve been prepping for inventory at work. Walmart inventory, especially at the Steelyard, is a study in frustration.
I have still been enjoying my Pinterest, but sticking to repeats for now. I’m building my repertoire back up, so don’t think I’ve bailed on it.
Consider this a mental health break! I’ll be back Monday night with a whole host of new completed or experienced pins.
A few weeks ago I had my very good friend Jenna as a guest blogger. I still think I’m going to do footprint bugs with my own kids too! Has anyone else completed any pins and want to share their experience?
Shoot me an email at if you are interested in maybe being a guest blogger.