Caught Up


I know I have done book reviews before, but this is my first review of a book that was written by someone I actually know! Caught Up by K. Michals was an amazing story!
This is a story about second chances and not just accepting the hand you were dealt. We have two main characters Octavien, or Tay, and James Reiker, who is referred to as Reiker throughout most of the story.
Reiker is a police officer, a member of a special ops team, tasked to bring down a major drug cartel that is moving into Denver. Reiker was given command of this team due to bringing down a drug dealer at a local school, very 21 Jump Street. Don’t think that this is a retelling of that story, that is merely a backstory that is explained and referenced off and on.
Octavien was the drug dealer that Reiker had arrested. Octavien was a good kid before his arrest, reduced to selling drugs after his parents kicked him out. He had been holding a joint for a friend, usually an excuse but it was the truth, and his mother had accepted no excuses. With no other way to support himself, Tay had become one of those rare drug dealers who never touched his product.
The years spent in prison have changed Tay, making him bitter and turning him into a user, yet not an addict. Now Reiker has come to him with an ultimatum: help us bring down this new cartel, or you will stay in prison indefinitely.
Left with only these options, Tay becomes an unwilling member of the task force.
These two have to learn to deal with each other, Reiker realizing that not all situations are black and white, Tay realizing that Reiker could maybe be a friend and not just a cop looking for a bust.
It’s a great story, with interesting characters. You feel bad for Tay and even sympathize with him over the choices he had to make. It’s not very often you feel bad for a drug dealer!
It does end on a cliff hanger, so prepare yourself!

The only problem I had with the book was the editing. I was informed that the book was self edited, which can be very problematic for authors, I know I hate adjusting my words! I am happy to offer my services to K. Michals as editor, free of charge, if for no other purpose than to find out what happens next!

The book is available through the Kindle store so be sure to download a copy!
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