Love is a Promise


I fell in love with this photo idea the first time I saw it. Of course I saw it AFTER my wedding, so I’m not in a stunning wedding dress and Tony is not dressed in black tie, but oh well!
Tony is pretty indulgent with me as far as photo ops go. He might not be thrilled with the idea, but he generally goes along. Especially with something this easy.
He didn’t have to dress up, or even shave. I did make him wash his hands as he had been working in the garage!
It can be a little tricky to position your hands to see both rings, but with a little maneuvering it can be accomplished. Just remember, the most important thing about this picture is to focus on your hands. It’s not about you yourselves. It’s about a promise you made, or are making.
I also like the childish gesture, tied to such a grown up promise. I’ve known Tony since I was 13, so it added an element.
This is also fun because you can do this on your wedding day, an anniversary, or just any day. Providing I don’t start forgetting everything, I want to do this again when Tony and I are old and wrinkly, more to the point, when our hands show their age!
I would love to reference the original pinner, but it was just an image. Feel free to check it out on my Photography Ideas board. Look me up Stephanie DeSantis on Pinterest!