Take Down the Monster

This game ended up being more fun than I expected. When I first had this idea, my Pinterest brain immediately jumped to cutting shapes out of a tarp for targets. Then Tony informed me that our soccer goal has this attachment with cut outs already in it. Awesome!

Start by having the kids make monster faces. If you know anything about Sailor Moon, you’ll know that the monsters range from scary, to pretty, to just plain weird. I just had ovals, kid-face sized, ready for the kids to draw on. Then attach a string to the face to hang on your monsters on your target.
I hit the Dollar General for some flying rings, the frisbee rings, whatever you want to call them. Another Sailor Moon tidbit, for those who don’t know, when fighting monsters, Sailor Moon takes her tiara off, it begins to spin, then she throws it like a frisbee. Once your monsters are attached to your targets, the kids can now line up and throw frisbees at the monsters, just like Sailor Moon!

Blast the Landing Pad

This is another game that I pulled together last minute and meant to play up a little more. *sigh* Remember the scene from Rogue One where the rebels have landed on Skariff and they are setting off bombs on the different landing pads to create a distraction? That’s what I was going for here. 
All you need for this game is:

• landing pads  (I used wire baskets from dollar general)

• water balloons (these are fun bombs for kids when it’s nice outside)

• a marker for the kids to stand behind (I used the signs my kids got from school for being awesome)
Then you line the kids up and have the kids try to bomb the landing pads. My baskets kept flipping over when they were hit, so if we do this again we’ll have to weigh them down. You also have to watch the kids like hawks to ensure they don’t try to throw balloons at each other. My husband also thought it was funny to throw them over the house when we were all playing in the back yard. He almost got one of the moms! 
Have some fun, maybe decorate the baskets like landing pads, but enjoy some Rogue One fun!

Activate the Com Switch

I will be the first to say that I pulled the Rogue One games together last minute! That being said, Pinterest had no useable ideas for party games with this theme. I know, I was surprised too. Everything Pinterest gave me had a Jedi theme to them, which Rogue One does not have. My son’s choice, but as my sweet baby Arthur turned 10 this year, I had to wing it! I was playing around with assorted ideas for what would work and here is the first one I came up with.
Remember the scene where Chirrut crosses the open space, while Storm Troopers are firing, chanting “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me”, and manages to activate the Com switch? I decided to have the kids walk a plank of wood, blindfolded, and they had to slap the “com switch”, in this case a Foldgers coffee can. As much fun as it would be to be shooting at the kids while they were walking, I thought that would’ve been a bit much.

I was working with what I had on hand, so the board probably should’ve been a bit longer, but it was funny to watch them wave their arms around trying to find the coffee can.
All you need for this game to work is:

•a plank of wood, wide enough for the kids to walk on safely (probably best to leave it on the ground to avoid potential injury)

•a stick (more to simulate Chirrut in the movie, but it can be used to find the Com switch)

•a blindfold (we are simulating a blind guy after all)

•a small table or stool with a switch or something the kids can smack (try to aim for waist height on the kids)
Then you’re good to go. Have fun with it. These kids sure did!

Pass the Lego


This was a super easy game to do. I bought 3 boxes of the $.98 candy at Walmart. I wrapped them up in construction paper and made eight little circles of the same color. I wrote the word Lego on each circle and attached them with a dab of glue. The glue gave them a little pop.
After I had my Lego prizes put together, it was time to play! I chose the song “Everything is Awesome” because nothing says Lego fun better than that song.
The rules are classic hot potato. Start the song and pass the brick from kid to kid. Whoever is holding the potato when the song stops is out. Start the song again, when it stops, whoever is holding it is out. When the last kid is out, the remaining kid wins the candy.
This can be a tough game on little kids. Delicate feelings and all that. I made sure to have small candy bags for the ones who didn’t win.

Happy gaming all!

Lego Toss Game


Super easy and the kids love it. Is there a better kind of birthday game? No there isn’t!

All you need is construction paper and 3 (option of more) Lego pieces. I printed my numbers off the computer, mainly because I don’t draw well. By not well, I mean my 5 year old is a better artist!

I started with my center ring, made with one piece of construction paper. Folded in half, width – wise, then I stapled the ends together to form a ring. That was my 15 – point ring, so I attached that number. The 10 – point ring was made of 2 sheets, folded in thirds, width – wise, and stapled together to form one larger ring. The 5 – point ring was made of 3 sheets folded in quarters width -wise and stapled to form an even larger ring. Then I attached the rings together in the back, with the numbers facing forward.

When you’re ready to play, have the kids stand a predetermined distance from the rings and toss the Lego pieces. I gave the kids 3 pieces each to toss. This game can get a little tricky on hard surfaces, such as wood or tile floors, which is why I have a blanket under my rings. The Legos bounce too much otherwise.

Have fun with it guys! We sure did!

Reindeer Party Game


The holidays are so much fun. They mean decorations, presents, parties, and of course, party games! Enter the reindeer party game.

We attended an amazing Christmas party this past weekend and this game was just as much fun as I had hoped. All you need, for each team, is a pair of panty hose, a bunch of balloons (these need to be small enough to go into the legs of the panty hose), and as an optional bonus, you can get a blinky reindeer nose.

This game is for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about people being left out.


After you have your teams, start the timer, then have the teams blow up the balloons and fill the legs on the panty hose.


Once the hose are filled up, get the waist of the panty hose over your reindeer head, add a blinky nose for fun and you have a winner!

I’m so glad Theresa wanted to play this game, as we all had a blast playing, even though I was on the losing team…..

Pirate Party

Chiara’s friend Jonah turned 5. 5 is such a big deal and their can be no better way to celebrate, than as a pirate!


Best part of any party is the games, and with a pirate theme, the possibilities are endless. One of the games we played was “Hook Ring Toss”. You could do like Jonah’s mom, and make your own hooks with solo cups and aluminum foil, or you could use hooks like these:


Just attach the hooks to a foam board or piece of cardboard. Rings of some kind, we used glow – necklaces and let the kids. go.


Sword ring toss was also fun. Also easy to make, you attach a sword to a box, get some rings and let the kids go.


The picture is not the best one, but there is the obligatory pin-it game: pin the patch on the pirate. This was a purchased game, but still fun. It also made it easy to know who’s piece was who’s because they were numbered.


This game is exactly what it sounds like. You get a hook, much like the one in my picture above, and let the kids try to scoop as many pretzels as they can. We were playing fast and loose on this one, but you could set up a time frame, 30 seconds or so, if you’re looking to have a winner.


It’s not a party without a cake! Jonah had this amazing treasure map cake, which was delicious! All in all, party was much fun!

Party on!

Super Barbie Birthday Party

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this one. Or the one we went to today, as I didn’t actually put on the birthday party. After all, part of this blog’s appeal, for me, was that I did or experienced these things first hand. Then I realized that I did experience these first hand, and after talking to the mom’s that put on the parties, so we’re a go!


Kids in decorating mode

Favorite part of Pinterest planned parties is always the crafty part. Especially with younger kids! Give them some glitter glue, sparkly stuff and stickers and they are good to go! For a Super Barbie party, you of course are decorating masks!


Chiara made this super sparkly one!

Any respectable Pinterest party idea comes with a “pin the ______ on the _______” option. For Super Barbie, we have Pin the Mask on the Barbie.

Chiara taking her turn

Chiara taking her turn

The kids all did remarkably well on this game, almost all of them getting over the eyes. Yes, they were blindfolded, maybe they were all just above average at this game…… All you need is a picture of Barbie, some cut outs of masks, put some tape on the masks and you are good to go.

Madelyn's mom had an awesome setup

Madelyn’s mom had an awesome setup

I don’t really know why I didn’t get a picture of the cake itself, but Madelyn’s mom did a fantastic job with the food layout. She had the comic book-esque feel, necessary for any superhero party, even a Barbie one.

Adorable food labels

Adorable food labels

We had a blast at this super-fun birthday party. The kids got to keep there masks as their favors, I’m all about making your own party favors at kids parties!

Time to sing to the birthday girl.

Time to sing to the birthday girl.

Party on all, party on!

Pin the Flower on La Muerta


Pin the _____ on the _______. Always a popular game and my favorite part is that you can adjust this game for any party theme! We even did something similar for Arthur’s party last year, Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda. This year was all about The Book of Life
Once you have your theme, figure out what you can pin your piece on, in this instance a flower and print off, or find a poster of, your main image. I printed mine off and, to give it a little more sturdiness, attached it to a piece of scrapbook paper. Then I covered the umage with packing tape to prevent the flowers from ripping it when they were removed.


The flowers were a little time consuming, but I love the way they turned out.


I took a piece of yellow construction paper, cut out a circle the right size to go with my La Muerta picture. Then I cut out two circles of yellow tissue paper and attached them with two crossed staples.


Then I squeezed it a little like a paper fortune teller until it had a little shape. A little tape on the back and on the next one.


The kids had a good time with this game! Nothing is more fun than blindfolding 4 and 5 year olds, spinning them around and letting them go!
So what do you think? Does it inspire you to create a pin-the game for your next party?

Feed the Dragon

If you like toss-across or cornhole, this is a great game! I got the idea for this game from a pin on Pinterest, shockingly.
I started by taking a giant piece of cardboard, we recently got a new door, so I had a monster one, and folded into a triangle. I then went ballistic with duct tape!


The kids thought this was a tent, so we had to play for a little bit, obviously! I have a bunch of different colors of duct tape, leftover from when I made my duct tape flowers, so I used blue for the sky and green for my mutant looking grass.


My next step started with me buying a new printer as our old one died and was never replaced. Then I discovered the joys of wireless printing from my phone, as I printed out full size pictures of the main dragons. Once they were printed, I cut them out and used packing tape to put them on my cardboard tent.


After the dragons were attached, I cut holes, which we later had to enlarge, that the kids could throw their “fish” through. The original pin had the mouths cut out, but I couldn’t get the dragons big enough for that to work.
I went to town with my sharpie next, writing the dragons names and writing the name of the game.


These are probably the ugliest “fish” ever used in a game, and I mean ever, but I have no sewing skills, and had no time to torture my husband into it. I took some of Arthur’s holey socks, thoroughly laundered, so don’t get grossed out, filled them with rice and tied them off. I drew little eyes on them with a sharpie to make it even worse!


The kids were enjoying themselves, even before Tony enlarged the holes, making it possible to feed the hungry dragons. You may be able to see in the above shot, at least a little, but we did reinforce the box against the beanbags with additional pieces of cardboard acting as braces. They were held in place by our favorite accessory, duct tape!
If you decide to make and play this game, I hope you have as much fun as we did with it!
Play on everyone!