Dollar T-shirt


Have you ever pinned something, then gone to do it, only to realize there were no instructions at all, just a picture of the finished product? I’ve done that a few times, but luckily have been able to wing it. This one stumped me though, so I fell back on the ever reliable Wikipedia!
This I really similar to my T-shirt napkin I just posted about, but obviously this isn’t a square napkin, so it took some finagling!
Step one: fold your dollar bill like a pamphlet, as shown in image 1. Step 2: like with the napkin, flip it over and fold the top piece back. Step 3: flip your bill back over and fold your corners in until they touch. It should form your ‘collar’
Here’s where I started altering the Wiki directions a bit. Step 4: go to the bottom of your bill and fold as shown in image 4. Step 5: fold the bottom of your bill up about halfway to your ‘collar’. Step 6: fold up the rest of the way an tuck the end under the ‘collar’.
There you have your t-shirt dollar bill. Maybe get a small box and do up several of these as a gift. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel a little lazy just giving someone money. This is a way to dress it up a bit!
Happy folding!
For wiki directions visit