Best Day Ever


Hands down, today was the best (non family) day ever! I have never had a more exciting day in my life that did not involve either my parents, husband or kids.

It started at 4:30 this morning, with Tony telling me alarm was going off, and to get up. I woke up my friend Mark and we were on the road by 5am for Boonsboro, MD. We made amazing time on the way there, although I spent $30 in tolls! Yikes!

As soon as we arrived, we hopped in line to get my ticket. The ticket guarantees I get my book signed and I can pay for my book at this time. While waiting in line, I met 3 other Nora Roberts fans, and we started talking like we had known each other for years! Poor Mark, who has never read Nora Roberts, was given permission to go in search of geocaches, his original purpose in the ride along

I purchased the new book, The Obsession and a fabulous hat!

Then it was off to wander the streets of Boonsboro. I have been here before, twice in fact, but have never had the opportunity to roam for hours. I walked through a beautiful cemetery while waiting for Mark to get back from a cache, then we went to lunch at Vesta’s.


Mark and I split a delicious Warrior’s Pride pizza. It was Ryder Montgomery’s favorite pizza in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy.

We walked around, grabbing a few more caches, ending up at the Museum of History. There is a geocache on the front porch, and while signing it, the proprietor of the museum was coming back from somewhere. Normally the museum is only open on Sundays through the summer, or by appointment, but he offered to show us through the first floor.


The displays ranged from the expected Civil War memorabilia, such as this bullet cluster. These are formed when bullets collided in midair.


There was also this beautiful suit of parade armor.

Then it was back to the bookstore for my signing.


I know have a personalized book, signed by Nora Roberts. How fabulous is this?! She also signed my hat!


Here we have my new circle of friends, we’re already planning another trip for the release of Bay or Sighs! It’s so wonderful to meet people who love the same things you do. And they really enjoyed watching me fangirl like a crazy person!

What a great day!

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Love Clears the Vision

Love Clears the Vision


I’ve posted about Nora Roberts / JDRobb before. She’s a brilliant author and one of the few that I can read over and over again. I may borrow her books from the library, but I pick them up to own more often than not. My goal is to own them all, and there over 200 novels written under Nora Roberts and that doesn’t touch on her JDRobb series!
I can usually pick up on similarities between books, but each story manages to be fresh and unique. Her characters may have similar traits to those already written about, but everyone has a uniqueness about them.
I think the most amazing thing about her writing, is her understanding of life and love. I’ve been reading romance since I was 13 years old and, I’m not going to lie, I started with Johanna Lindsey style writing. Big, burly heros. Plucky females, in need of a man to save her. I enjoyed them, but Nora is great for writing strong and confident female leads.
The women she writes about are both delicate and shy or strong and confident. In Chasing Fire, her heroine, Rowan Tripp, was a smoke jumper. You know, those brave firefighters who jump out of airplanes to fight wildfires? Can’t exactly be delicate to do that! Then she also writes characters like Tia Marsh, in Three Fates, who is a hypochondriac, nerdy to the extreme and insanely delicate.
Reading her books now, as a married woman, mother of two kids, some of the things she writes hit a little closer to home. As a teenager, the phrase ‘love is blind’ seems romantic. From where I’m looking now, it’s a little childish. I love the way she phrased it in Memory in Death. The shot above is near the end of the book and I think sums it up perfectly!

“Love clears the vision. You see better, sharper, because you feel more than you did before.”

I can’t even imagine having those insightful thougts just come to me. Once you read something like that, it never leaves you, kind of like, real love.
A little more philosophical than I usually get, but I finished reading that book tonight and it was winging around in my head. Where better to express myself than right here?

In Death Saga


Murder mysteries sell. You’ve got Patterson, King and top of my list JD Robb. This book series review feels like it’s coming very close on the heels of my last one on the Lords of the Underworld, but I’ve set myself a goal to reread the entire series over the summer, so I thought I’d share it with you guys!
The series opens in the year 2058, so there is some awesome technology. Leutenant Eve Dallas works homicide attached to the NYPSD (New York Police and Security Department) at Cop Central. During the first crime of the series, Eve meets the rich and handsome Roarke.
One of the things I love about this series is that it is as much about the love between Eve and Roarke as it is catching the bad guy. At first, I was hesitant to read these books because I am such a big fan of Nora Roberts. JD Robb is a pen name and I was worried that her crime dramas wouldnt be on the same level as her romance books. Boy was I wrong! The whole series is amazing.
You are drawn into the life of Eve Dallas and her quest for justice.  You learn more and more about her traumatic past and how it has pushed her into standing for the dead. She always stands for the victim even when they didn’t deserve it in life.
I’m about halfway to my summer goal. I’m currently on Purity in Death. A group of cyber terrorists is using a computer virus to murder the people who have been skating through the justice system without paying for the crimes commited against children in New York. Many people in the city consider them to be the guardians they are pretending to be. Eve sees them for what they are.  Overzealous terrorists who see themselves as judge, jury and executioner. Now Eve and her team of cops must try to track them down before this group has a chance to spread their “vision” with more people they’ve found guilty.
Occasionally the bad guy is easy to pinpoint, but sometimes it seems completely out of left field. The stories are well written, rich in detail and have characters that you will fall a little in love with yourself! Start from the beginning or pick it up in the middle, just enjoy! I did have a pin for this one but the link was no good. You can check out or for a complete list of her works.

Vesta Pizzaria


This was a last summer trip, but I was browsing some pins on Pinterest and I found this one. I thought to myself, I’ve been there! So it’s time for my first restaurant review! Hooray!
I need to start this pin by saying I am an enormous Nora Roberts fan. If its written by her, either under her name or J.D.Robb, I’ve read it, most likely, multiple times. It drives Tony nuts that I own books of hers that I have read 5-6 times. For those of you who are already Nora fans, you know she wrote an entire trilogy about Inn BoonsBoro. From their we fan out to Turn The Page bookstore and right along the line to Vesta Pizzaria. Of course in the books, she changed names, made up characters and so on.
In reality, her husband owns Turn The Page, she herself owns the Inn BoonsBoro and her son owns Vesta.
Last summer Tony’s cousin got married in Maryland. One of my first thoughts was that BoonsBoro, MD is only a half hour out of the way. Oh we are so going!
Tony agreed after my 30 second statement. I immediately launched into planning mode! I knew I wanted to see it all! Of course we went to the bookstore! I didn’t want to go into the inn because we weren’t staying, I wish I had now! We also had lunch at Vesta.
It’s a very small town vibe. In no way is it a big corporate chain. Relaxed and super family friendly environment. Don’t let the basic environment fool you!
The food was amazing!! Tony was just indulging me, but after his first bite, his first words were ‘Ok, good idea!’
I immediately felt smug because I love being right!
You have the front room where you can either place your order or sit and be social. Then there is a short hallway, leading to the back room, where there is more seating and some arcade games.
I feel the biggest pull for this place is the food! We just ordered a large and loaded pizza. It was so great! We forced ourselves to stop eating, mainly so we would have leftovers for the drive.
The scenery is beautiful, the roads are windy, it is a perfect place to go to relax and enjoy a slower pace. I give this restaurant 2 super yummy thumbs up. That sounds a little cannibalistic, so never mind! It’s still really good! Go eat!
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