T-shirt Napkin


For the record, I did attempt this with my pilfered Olive Garden napkin. I found the material to be a little thick for this one to work. I ended up using a paper towel, which as shown in the picture, allows for personalizing! Lol
To start with, take your square napkin, or paper towel, and fold the corners in to the center. I don’t know how clearly you can see in this image, but you do want the new corners to be sharp, if you overlap a bit, it’s ok! Then you fold the the sides in to the center, as shown in the second picture.
You don’t have to turn it over to complete step 3, this was merely to show you the step. You take approximately the top inch and fold it under. Step 4 gave me some issues and I felt really stupid when Tony got it right away. You simply take the top corners and fold them inward until they meet.
Now we move onto the bottom part. Take the folded in pieces and fold them back out as shown in 5.
Final step is to fold your bottom part over until it tucks under the ‘collar’. Then you can personalize or simply place on a plate.
If it doesn’t seem to want to stay in place, tuck the bottom more firmly under the ‘collar’ and press down firmly. Now you have another fun idea for a party! Kids parties would be super appropriate for the paper towel version of this!
Original site with step-by-step directions, with an actual napkin can be found at http://www.duitang.com/people/mblog/12951353/detail/