Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Finally got out to see the new Wreck It Ralph last night and it was amazing! I laughed through most of it and gasped at a lot of scenes, but I’ve been told I’m too easily entertained at movies. On the other hand, my husband and brother, along with my kids, all loved the movie too!

It’s been six years since the events of the first movie, Ralph and Vanellope are still friends, playing their games all day and hanging out all night. Ralph thinks this is the greatest life possible, but Vanellope is getting bored. All the races are predictable, all the tracks have been unlocked, nothing new ever happens. Ralph tries to help, but the Sugar Rush game console ends up broken.

The two go to the internet to find the piece they need on Ebay. The bidding war is hilarious, ending with the two shocked to find they need actual money. Luckily some of the spammers gave them the idea to play games to win money. This leads them to Slaughter Race, with the amazing Shank, voiced by Gal Gadot.

Vanellope falls in love with Slaughter Race, the excitement, the newness of every race. Ralph becomes a BuzzTube darling, earning money by making an idiot of himself in videos. You know, true American fashion!

The bit with the Disney Princesses was entertaining. I liked seeing the Princesses fall in love with casual clothes. Every woman can relate to that scene!

Ralph earns the money for the part, but freaks out when he realizes Vanellope doesn’t want to return to the arcade.

The weird thing about this movie, something happening more and more in kid films, is that there is no definable bad guy. There are shady characters, bad elements, but the line of “good” and “bad” is getting blurred. That sends an important message to kids because “bad” people, aren’t always bad. We all are capable of making bad calls and doing the wrong thing.

The side story about what’s going on with Felix and Calhoun is hilarious, especially to parents. Tony and I were cracking up all through that bit!

There are post credit scenes that are worth staying for. Tony had just mentioned that the scene with the kitty and bunny wasn’t in the movie, and not two seconds later, it showed up in the credits. Watching it in the theater I’ve decided that it was baby Moana playing that game, and I loved it all the more for that fact.

Family recommendation: go see it, laugh your butt off, be scared and relieved, take the amazing advice from a character named Shank. The advice given was that you can still be friends without being in each others pockets all the time. As an army brat, constantly moving, I thought it was great to have that in a kids movie!

Hotel Transylvania 2


This past weekend was a full one for us. I love busy weekends, almost as much as the lazy ones. They’re fairly rare for us, so it’s easier to appreciate them.

One of the things that we fid this weekend was go to the Auto-Rama Drive-In in Valley City, OH, our first trip to the Drive-Ins since Harry Potter 5 and The Order of the Phoenix was released. We used to go all the time when we lived in NY, but had yet to attend one in OH.
This weekend we finally went, mainly because they finally played two movies on one screen that we wanted to see: Hotel Transylvania 2 and Pixels.

Normally I get a little nervous with sequels, they always have that potential to go horribly wrong, but thankfully, this did not.

For those who didn’t see the previews, the movie starts at Mavis and Johnny’s wedding. Then we get to see Mavis pregnant, which I was a little shocked they put in the movie, but definitely enjoyed. Then we meet little Dennis, the spitting image of his human daddy.

Dracula is a doting vamp-pa, and I love seeing his character act just as goofy as he was in the first movie. It’s always funny seeing a character that takes themselves so serious, acting like a goofball. Watching him interact, really watching all of the monsters interact, with the humans is amusing after the total fear and hatred of said humans in the first movie.

The plot thickens, as Mavis considers moving to CA, near Johnny’s family, because Dennis is showing no monster tendencies, and the hotel is too dangerous for a human child. Dracula convinces Johnny to take Mavis to CA for a visit, a trial run almost, while Dracula tries to fix the the situation. Fixing it, in this case, meaning getting Dennis to show his monster side.

While Mavis is off enjoying CA, much hilarity here, Dracula enlists the aid of his friends to force Dennis into monster – hood so he doesn’t lose his grandson. A lot of these moments were in the preview, like throwing him off the tower, but that whole camp sequence had me rolling!

There were some unexpected sweet moments in this movie, for instance the adorable way Dennis and Winny, Wolfman’s daughter, love on each other. If you have a toddler, you’ve probably seen this kind of love and hug bit going on, and it’s made even cuter by them referring to each other as “zing”.

Also shown in the previews, Dracula’s father gets involved, but shockingly he’s not the villain of the end. The actual villain and final confrontation was a little more intense than I expected.

Can’t wait for this to come out on DVD and digital (remember when it was VHS and DVD, or DVD and Blu Ray. This is getting complicated!) because I’m ready to see it again! Definitely recommend seeing this one.

Happy family viewing all!