The Age of Adeline


This may be a record for me. Two girls night outs in a months time! Insurgent and now The Age of Adaline. I guess it’s been a little over a month, but it still is a new record!

This movie was good. I wanted to start by saying that I enjoyed it because this review may give you mixed signals.

The movie opens with Adaline, played by the classically beautiful Blake Lively, buying forged identification. Then you go to work with her, at a library, where she is cataloging old film, about to be converted to digital. Then the narrator jumps back in, he also was at the beginning. He’s not that annoying in the beginning because he shares Adaline’s back story. It’s a lot of information and a narrator is a quick way to fill you in.
The accident that causes her to never age is explained in much more detail than shown in the previews!
Adaline has a very lonely life. She has her dog, her 80+ year old daughter she sees sporadically and only one friend that we meet. The friend is blind and therefore not able to see her aging.

At a New Year’s Eve party, she meets Ellis, a young, handsome and wealthy young man, who is quite insistent about seeing her. Persistence wins the day, after visiting some amazing places in San Francisco, you better believe I’ll be researching those, they spend the night together. There is a beautiful line in this scene, which was featured in the previews.

Adaline – Tell me something to
hold onto forever and never let go.
Ellis – Let go.

It was a beautiful moment!


Romance is cut off, briefly, after the most tragic moment in the movie. Adaline’s dog gets sick, and a trip to the vet leads to the dog being put down. Anyone who has had to have a pet put down would recognize her face in this scene. Absolute devastation. This was the only time in the movie that I cried! After going home, she places a picture of her dog in a photo album, and then you see that she has always had the same breed of dog, pictures dating back to the 30s or so. I don’t understand how she could keep repeating that devastation, but somehow humans keep doing this to themselves!


Eventually it’s time to meet the parents, the relationship evolving quickly, and she agrees to go to his parents 40th anniversary party.
Shock and confusion are the words of the day when she realizes that Ellis’ father, William, is a man that she walked away from 50 years ago. Harrison Ford plays this role as fantastically as he plays all of his roles. Adaline convinces him that the woman he knew was her mother and he seems amazed at the resemblance, but believing.


William discovers the truth though, after seeing a scar on her hand, one he had stitched up himself, half a century earlier. When he confronts her with what he knows, she runs, the story of her life, and leaves a note for Ellis saying goodbye.
In the end, history repeats itself, reversing the strange quirk of fate that made Adaline the way she is.


There were two things that really bothered me about this movie. The first was the overnarration. At the beginning, it was nice to have details filled in, but at the end, when the narrator came back, it was a little too much. The second complaint ties in closely with the first. The narrator uses a lot of science speak. Some of it is legitimate, but some of it is clearly made up, and they go into such detail that I have Chemistry flashbacks. Nothing made sense there either!
All in all, the movie is definitely worth seeing, but you could probably wait for it to hit DVD.

Fifty Shades of Grey


Right after my showing

Ok, so I’m a big fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I was desperately amused when America jumped on this bandwagon, especially since I’ve been taking crap for years because I enjoy the romance genre. People were constantly telling me it’s smut. Well let me tell you, Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb is tame compared to E.L.James!

If you haven’t read the books, there will be spoilers, but I’ll try to warn you!

The story really starts when Anastasia Steele, a young, innocent college student, goes to interview a young, entrepreneurial billionaire for the college paper. Christian Grey, the billionaire, takes an interest in Miss Steele and decides he wants to introduce her to his world of dark, sexual delights. BDSM for those who didn’t take the hint.
In trying to introduce her to his world, she draws him partially into her “hearts and flowers” world.

I feel they did a great job translating this book to the big screen. From what I’ve read, E.L.James was a very demanding creative consultant, and it shows! Sometimes with book-to-movies the main story stays the same but the details get very skewed! Twilight *ahem* Twilight!

There is just so much awkwardness that comes across from Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele. It brings just enough humor to the movie to alleviate the tension. There is a lot of sexual tension throughout the movie, but it is most definitely not the pornography it could’ve been. Again, I loved the books, but when I read they were making the movie, I was curious how they could make this a movie and not a porn. The amount of sex shown in the movie is very small, especially considering how much swx plays into the story!
There is a lot of shots of Anastasia’s breasts and butt, also a few nice shots of Jamie Dornan’s butt, Christian’s butt that is!
I’m not saying this is a movie to invite your grandma over to watch, but it wouldn’t be too awkward to watch with another couple, as long as your good friends anyway!

As the movie wnds like the book, Anastasia leaving Christian, I am so glad I’ve read the books! I knew how it would end, yet I feel as desperate as everyone else for the sequels!

I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did. Just keep an open mind and please don’t think this is putting women down. It’s about exploring sexuality, and always remember, when Anastasia does say no, Christian stops instantly.

The Host

The Host

This is another first for me. I did pin this movie to my Fantastic Movies board, so I think it qualifies to go on my Pinterest based blog. Thoughts on the subject??
I was a big Twilight fan. So I was mildly curious about Stephenie Meyer’s new book. I did try reading it about a year ago, but then I was distracted when a book I was really anticipating came out, so it got set aside. I finally re-borrowed it from the library and started again.
This time was so different. I couldn’t put the book down and I devoured it in 3 days! After day 1 of reading I decided I had to see this movie. I looked up a movie schedule and, luck was on my side, there was a showtime for Jurassic Park 3D that coincided with a Host showtime. I knew my husband didn’t want to see the movie, but he and my son would enjoy Jurassic Park.
So Chiara and I went to see the Host while the guys went to see their movie. I had alternate plans, but my little 2 year old sat there and watched the movie with me. She gets into the oddest things. She loved the Twilight Saga and the Hunger Games. She has the same attachment to movie adaptations that I do!
I think they did a great job adapting the movie. Obviously they cut certain things for time constraints, but I feel what they cut didn’t take away from the main story-line. The basic story is a love story. Stephenie Meyer called it a science fiction movie for people who don’t like science fiction. I will really agree with that statement. At the core it’s a love story, not just a chick flick love story, but an action adventure love story.
The basic story followed the book: The earth has been taken over by an alien race. The humans never saw it coming because the aliens, or ‘souls’, inhabit the human body, taking over. One soul, Wanderer, ends up inside the body of Melanie, a member of the human resistance.
Melanie doesn’t fade away like most of the human hosts, instead influencing Wanderer to go and find the resistance.
Once she arrives, the humans are initially resistant *cough* murderous *cough*, Wanderer, or Wanda as she becomes, wins them over. She learns to love these humans, both through her Host’s memories and her own experiences, and realizes the only course left to her.


Eventually Wanda shows them how to remove the souls from the Hosts. Her price is that the doctor remove her, giving Melanie back her life, and allow her to die. Of course they can’t let Wanda die because she adds too much to their lives. The human answer: put her in a new body, one where the Host has faded leaving an empty body.


As previously said, they did a very good job with the adaptation. Think Harry Potter, only the little stuff was left out. There was one scene that I actively missed. For those who read the book, you know there are many scenes that feel like they will rip your heart out, there were two in particular that really got to me. When Wanda says goodbye to Ian and then later to Jared. The Ian scene remained, but they left out the Jared scene. I was more than a little upset. I’m hoping when the DVD comes out there is a deleted scene………..
Think of this as a movie review, think of it as my opinion. Either way, I just watched this movie and I loved it. I know I just read the book, but I’m seriously thinking about re-reading it already!
If you read, pick up the book and then watch the movie. If you don’t enjoy reading, I will recommend the movie anyway!
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