Plastic Envelope


This one was kind of an odd duck pin. I don’t know if I’ll make any more, but I will definitely be fiddling with it to see if I can pretty it up.
You start with an empty gallon milk jug, which everyone can get no problem! I’m going to describe the steps on how to cut, but I strongly recommend checking out the original pin to see how it’s done. Even if you mess it up, just drink milk and start again! There is one flat side on a milk carton, with no handle, or divot. That is the side that is going to form your top flap.
The lines you see are actually my market lines, which I hope to eliminate on future attempts. It is helpful to have the lines your first try.
The flat side is going to be a nice big arc that encompasses as much space as possible, draw it to the top, where it just starts to curl over.
The other sides will be short rounded hills. Where your sides meet, draw them together into a kind of car smile. Silly directions I know, but remember how you would draw a line from the nose to curve out into the two sides of a smile? That’s what we’re going for. Then you cut out your lines and fold the ‘bottom’ flap up, the two sides in and the ‘top’ flap over it.
I have yet to figure out how they attached the button to hold it closed, but will definitely update when I figure it out.
Best part of this pin, cheap thrills! Enjoy!
Original pin, which is not in English, but has helpful pictures is at

Camping / Apocalypse Tip

Camping / Apocalypse Tip

This is another easy one. My husband informed me this was a little redundant because we have a lantern already. My thought process is that we might not always have a lantern! What if the apocalypse comes and we need extra light?! I’m not one of those end of the world or government collapse paranoia freaks, but I like the idea of maybe being ready. Not to the point of building a bunker in my basement, but I think there is valid reasoning to having food supplies set aside. Something this simple is also a good tip to have in my arsenal.
Empty milk jug and a flash light (or a headlamp would be preferable) and you have a gently glowing lantern that lightens a room enough to see. I got lucky enough that we have a few headlamps in the house. My mom bought them for my kids from the volcano national park in Hawaii. Very fun to play with, even when not using them for a lantern lighter!
Original pin claims to be at however I couldn’t find the directions on the site, but this is pretty much a “what you see is what you get” kind of thing. If you can’t figure out what to do based on this picture, then you may have bigger problems in the coming apocalypse…..
Just saying