Another year begins

Another school year is off to a great start. The kids have completed their first full week back. That in itself is weird, as normally they have a short first week, but not this year!

I can only be grateful that activities haven’t started yet! I’m on a new shift, 4am to 1pm, instead of third shift. It’s been an adjustment because I’m not getting them up or ready anymore. My husband now gets them up, and they put themselves on the bus, with my brother as a backup.

The new school year, new shift at work, and a new routine for myself. I’m trying anyway…. I bought myself a planner, one that includes a habit tracker. The planner kicked off at the start of August and it’s interesting looking at my month so far. I see where I’m succeeding, where I’m failing.

It’s not easy to start a new habit. Even with a few days of maintaining, one day missed and it’s easy to feel defeated. The habit tracker is making it easier to see not just one missed day, but how many days I’ve made it.

So far I don’t have any days with every box checked off, but maybe soon….

I never do well with new years resolutions, but maybe an August start will help me out. How do you do with resolutions? Do you start at new years? Or do you make a decision and start from there?

My beautiful new planner