Love Prints


I love doing crafts with my kids. Even if it only involves getting feet and hand prints, it’s still fun! This was a quick craft, as far as actual work required. I’ve seen a few spins on this idea, most recently featuring the Ohio outline for the “O”, but I wanted to use my kids prints for this instead.


My kids are almost too big for this craft to work. Yes, they’re only 8 and 5, but apparently feeding them Miracle Grow has side effects. My 5 year old has size 13 feet, so it’s a good thing I went big for the canvas. I used a 10×12, which was just big enough.

I painted the entire canvas red and let that dry completely. It took about a day to dry. Then came the fun part with the kids. Arthur’s hand print wasn’t too hard, one hand print and done. Chiara’s feet prints were a little harder. She has high arches, so I had to push down a little harder to get a good impression. 5 year old toes are very wiggly too, in case you didn’t know. Have an old towel on stand by too, you don’t want paint on your floors!

After the prints had dried, I used a 1″ foam brush to add the “L” and “E”. I’m really happy with how this project turned out and can’t wait to find somewhere to hang it up!

Happy crafting!



Today was a rough day. Not personally, or professionally, well, trouble at work was as usual! Towards the end of my day, I was listening to coworkers conversations, the way you do when they happen to be in the same area as you, and listening to them, I got a sick feeling in my gut. Nothing can be more disheartening than listening to people so casually discussing cheating. It breaks my heart a little every time I hear someone throw something, potentially so great, right out the window.
I get so angry whenever someone forsakes their wedding vows. Yes, it’s not my marriage or relationship, but it deeply offends me.
I’m not saying people don’t make mistakes, they do, we are after all, only human. What upsets me about it is the fact that they don’t care.
If you make promises to someone, you should try your best. If you promise to love someone forever, you shouldn’t be willing to turn so quickly to someone else. I think, most importantly, you have to be honest! If you cheat on someone, tell them! If you don’t really love someone, don’t lie to them about it!
I take my marriage very seriously. It sounds a little cheesy, but I really believe he’s the love of my life. I’m not a huge believer in soul mates, for all that it is a romantic notion. I do strongly believe that there are people we are more suited to, and though it may seem contradictory, I do believe we all have one great love of our lives. I don’t think Tony was destined to be in my life, but choices we’ve made, have made him become a part of me.
I don’t expect anyone to have my same ideals, I would never ask that of someone. The only thing I do ask of people: if you are not willing to commit to your relationships, be they friendly or romantic, don’t cheapen all relationships by lying.
That’s part of why it offends me. I don’t think that allowing same sex couples to marry will destroy the institution of marriage. I know many who disagree with that statement, but this is my blog, so it’s my opinion. What cheapens all marriages, is when people see them as something disposable. It’s not the new dating, or a way to pass some time while you’re waiting for something better.
This may seem like a rant, but it’s really a desperate plea! Take your relationships seriously. I’m not saying don’t have casual ones, but please don’t pretend they are something they’re not.
Love is precious. Take care with it!
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Love is a Promise


I fell in love with this photo idea the first time I saw it. Of course I saw it AFTER my wedding, so I’m not in a stunning wedding dress and Tony is not dressed in black tie, but oh well!
Tony is pretty indulgent with me as far as photo ops go. He might not be thrilled with the idea, but he generally goes along. Especially with something this easy.
He didn’t have to dress up, or even shave. I did make him wash his hands as he had been working in the garage!
It can be a little tricky to position your hands to see both rings, but with a little maneuvering it can be accomplished. Just remember, the most important thing about this picture is to focus on your hands. It’s not about you yourselves. It’s about a promise you made, or are making.
I also like the childish gesture, tied to such a grown up promise. I’ve known Tony since I was 13, so it added an element.
This is also fun because you can do this on your wedding day, an anniversary, or just any day. Providing I don’t start forgetting everything, I want to do this again when Tony and I are old and wrinkly, more to the point, when our hands show their age!
I would love to reference the original pinner, but it was just an image. Feel free to check it out on my Photography Ideas board. Look me up Stephanie DeSantis on Pinterest!