First Day of a New Grade

First Day of School

This whole site was a lot of fun pictures, mostly involving chalk. It was very cool. There was one picture of a little girl stretched out next to the word kindergarten. I was intrigued!
Sadly, my driveway was a little too beat up for this, but I remembered a previous pin that has already proved itself! Check out that blog about trampoline writing here
I made my way outside before bringing Arthur out and went to town, writing in big, if not overly artistic, letters. I don’t claim to be an artist, but it worked for what I wanted! Arthur is always happy to be on the trampoline, and he’s usually happy to pose for pictures. I started out having him stretched out, arms behind his head, as it was in the original photo. It wasn’t really him though. I think when Chiara gets ready for kindergarten, that pose would look great. As you can tell, we ended up going with Arthur sitting up Indian style on top of the word.
After we took several shots of several poses, I chose this as my favorite one. Luckily I got my favorite shot before Chiara worked her way up to the trampoline. The words were smeared inside 5 minutes.
This was a quick and fun thing to do as soon as Arthur got home from school. Good end to his first day of school!
Original pin is included on this site: