Jurassic World


Yesterday was opening day for Jurassic World. Not that opening days are strictly enforced anymore, with showings for this movie starting as early as 8pm on Thursday. Given my new third shift schedule, we went to the earliest showing on Friday morning and I was a little surprised at how many kids were there. I had expected some dirty looks for bringing my kids, but while Chiara may have been the youngest I saw, no one looked twice!

For those who don’t already know, the premise behind this latest edition in the Jurassic saga, is that the theme park, Jurassic World, has been open for a decade. Like any theme park, every few years, a new attraction needs added to keep interest high. The latest addition of Indominus Rex. I love how this movie pokes fun at consumerism. When looking for sponsors for this new exhibit, we end up with “Verizon presents Indominus Rex”. Then we have a slap at how we name things based on sponsorship, especially stadiums. This was especially amusing since all of the Cleveland arenas were renamed after their sponsor.
Jacob’s Field 》Progressive Field
Gund Arena 》Quicken Loans Arena

The kids in this story, because you can’t have a Jurassic story without kids in trouble, are visiting their aunt, who runs the park. Of course with a new exhibit opening soon she doesn’t have a lot of time for the kids and has her assistant escorting them around.

We are also introduced to Owen, who is training Velociraptors to obey commands. I won’t lie to you, this is the main reason I wanted to see this movie! I love raptors! They’re quick and cunning, work together like a team and just don’t seem to have any weaknesses, like a T-rex’s arms. I was pleasantly surprised that these raptors are far from tame and very much still wild animals. I’m always a little upset when people think wild animals are great pets, not realizing they will always be dangerous. Nothing like a raptor to drive that point home!

Bad things start happening, of course, with the Indominus Rex, because you should never expect good things when messing with genetics. This dinosaur is a stew of different genomes, giving her all sorts of abilities that she shouldn’t have. As far as I can tell the only thing this dinosaur couldn’t do was fly. The battle to take her down was epic, probably a little more epic than anything in the dinosaur age, but I was definitely on the edge of my seat.

I think my favorite thing about Jurassic World is that it I was still able to be surprised by it. I have been watching Jurassic movies since the release of Jurassic Park when I was eight, so dinosaurs don’t scare me. I was constantly awed, both by how the never-before-seen dinosaurs were presented and the suddenness of the action. Even when Indominus first gets out, you see it coming, but you’re very startled when it actually happens!

Whether you see it in theaters or wait till the at home release, if you were a fan of the original trilogy, you will love this new chapter.

Keep calm and watch the dinosaurs folks!