Reindeer Party Game


The holidays are so much fun. They mean decorations, presents, parties, and of course, party games! Enter the reindeer party game.

We attended an amazing Christmas party this past weekend and this game was just as much fun as I had hoped. All you need, for each team, is a pair of panty hose, a bunch of balloons (these need to be small enough to go into the legs of the panty hose), and as an optional bonus, you can get a blinky reindeer nose.

This game is for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about people being left out.


After you have your teams, start the timer, then have the teams blow up the balloons and fill the legs on the panty hose.


Once the hose are filled up, get the waist of the panty hose over your reindeer head, add a blinky nose for fun and you have a winner!

I’m so glad Theresa wanted to play this game, as we all had a blast playing, even though I was on the losing team…..