Pin Collecting

I’m not a huge collector as a rule. I like stuff and I have an assortment of random things, but I don’t really have an “it” item that I collect. Tony has his shot glasses, the thing everyone knows to get him for souvenirs. I have a few Pop Vinyls, but only the ones I like. I have scarves, but only in patterns I love.

The closest thing I have to a collection is pins. I have a wide array, from random places, and of different types. I tried to separate into categories for the following pictures.

Peter Pan and Friends

Assorted Disney Pins

Epcot World Showcase

Disney is my biggest collection of pins. We’ve been three times with my parents and my mom is an avid pin collector. I love the pin trading that goes on, but it’s also hard for me to let go of pins because if I got a pin it’s because I want to keep it!

Universal Studios

I love the Universal parks! I don’t have as many pins from there, but it is slowly becoming more of a thing, so who knows what the future holds?

Hard Rock Café pins

I love the pins available at Hard Rock Café! Their sexy and iconic images always grab your attention. It’s also fun to see the variety available at different locations. This is another one my mother is big on!

Walmart pins

I’ve worked at Walmart for 15 years. While they don’t do pins as much anymore, I love some of the ones they’ve had in the past. My personal favorite out of this lot is the Rollback Man!

Movie pins

I have more movie pins than this, but they’re attached to different purses and such. I am way too lazy to pull them all! FYE is my favorite place to grab movie pins, but some, like my minion, can be snagged at the movie theater when they’re doing their charity drives. Isn’t he cute?

Random pins

They’re are always going to be ones that don’t belong in a category. My Marine pins and my Thousand Islands River Run pins are such. I’m hoping to do more motorcycle runs in the future, so I’ll (hopefully) be adding to that category!

Fandom pins

This is probably my favorite, albeit smallest category. For now anyway! Have you seen the Etsy selection of fandom pins? They are so beautiful, and capture moments, or quotes from some of my favorite books! I can’t wait to make this my biggest category!

What are your collectibles? Do you collect pins too? How do you store them? My mom has several binders for her Disney and Hard Rock pins, but I think I want something that I can see easier. Thoughts?

Hard Rock Café in Cleveland


We’ve eaten here several times. Usually when my parents are in town, because mom is a Hard Rock All Access member. She collects the pins and loves the assorted merchandise they sell. She is, in a way, the ultimate consumer. We love her for it though because it leads to good times and great food!
It occurred to me recently that, although I have a collection of Hard Rock glasses, from hurricane to high ball, I don’t have one from the Cleveland restaurant, and I only live a half an hoir away! When mom suggested dinner there after our zoo trip, I was completely on board with the idea.
For those of you who have never been to a Hard Rock, it is a rock n’ roll memorabilia place that serves what I consider real American food! Giant hamburgers, tasty salads and really excellent alcoholic beverages. The great part about the alcohol is that if you order one in a souvenir glass, yes it is a little more expensive, but you get a clean glass to take home. That’s how I have built my collection. Now I have a really fantastic, limited edition high ball glass from Cleveland. Awesome!
This was also my cousin Ben’s first trip to a Hard Rock, so this was a little more fun this time around. The kids always love the experience too. The staff is always friendly, the food is delicious, so we give them two thumbs way, way up!
Only question mark when visiting Cleveland anything, including the Hard Rock, is parking. You can pay $10 for valet or hit a parking garage. No free parking in Cleveland! Still worth it, at least to try it!
Happy eating!
Hard Rock in Cleveland is located at 230 West Huron Road, Cleveland, Ohio – 230 W Huron Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113
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