Gift Some Wine This Year

This year I was excited to give a grown-up gift of wine to my dear friend Jenna and her husband. The original pin was about a gift basket for a wedding or bridal shower featuring multiple wines. The wines were for events such as a celebratory wine for a big event, a makeup wine for their first fight and so on and so forth.
Jenna and Alan have been married for 2 years and it was nowhere near their anniversary, so this idea evolved a bit as I thought about it.
I started with a beautiful basket, Longaberger of course. If you have any questions about owning your own gorgeous wine carrying basket, send me an e-mail at Then you pick up a wine of your choice. You can go with a full-bodied red, or a nice, crisp white. I chose to go with something a for a celebration. A very nice pink, bubbly moscato. After I picked the wine, I picked my brain for a cute little poem to go along with it. If you are unable to come up with a poem you like on your own, google wine poems. You will have to filter through a little, but there are some really nice ones.
I made up my own little poem

Something big,
Or something small,
You don’t need a reason,
So celebrate it all!

I decorated the tag with cute little Christmas stickers, but for some reason, my photo won’t upload today. I will try again later on this week.
Dress the wine up a little with tissue paper, maybe some ribbon to tie your poem to the basket and you have a lovely Christmas gift! It’s a great gift for anyone who enjoys wine, so how can you go wrong??
I adapted this idea from a pin that linked here: