Lego Photo Op


I do have to start by saying, Arthur loves Legos. He had loved them since my parents got him his first sets at the age of three. Too young for them, but who cares! I’m fairly certain he’s going to grow up to be an engineer or something because he lives building and making up his own designs especially. He’ll build a new set, first following the directions, then the pieces become building blocks for whatever he can imagine.
This year for his annual pictures, I was at a loss. I had taken a few nice shots at one of the local parks, but nothing really screamed ‘this is it’. Then, yesterday afternoon, inspiration struck, for once not having come from Pinterest!
I swept out hardwood floor, which collects pet hair worse than a carpet, then grabbed his Lego bin and made a circle of them on the floor. He had a few creations put together already, so I also staged them around the circle. I put him in an outfit I like, then it was picture time.
I tend to say ridiculous things to my kids to get the look I want. “Think about how funny a fart sounds” I’d actually what got me this silly face. Normally I want something a little more sedate, but as soon as I looked at this shot on my camera, with a new creation forming in his hands, the quote jumped into my head.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

I knew then that the smile was perfect, just like the rest of him.
I did some searching online and found picmonkey. This is an amazing free photo editing website that allowed me to play with the exposure, contrast, etc. on the picture. After that it was a quick 1-hr developing at Walmart and now it’s on my wall.
As always with pictures of my kids, I love the time with them. They know they are your absolute focus during this time and you know they’re at least fully aware of you, even when engrossed in Legos.
Do you have any fun shots of your kids playing with Legos? I hope Arthur never loses his fascination with them because I love seeing what he can dream up.

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Growing Babies


Yes, these are piles of folded laundry. More specifically my kids’ laundry. Tony washes clothes, but I don’t like him folding them because I have my system. We all have our OCD moments. I’ve been a complete bum the last few days so it built up a little bit.
So tonight, as I was folding laundry, it occurs to me that my kids are growing up. Every once in a while, as a parent you have the moments of ‘OMG, when did they grow up?’ I had one of those today.
Arthur has been in preschool since he was three, so kindergarten was just the next step. Exciting and new, but not really sad.
Chiara has her first day of preschool tomorrow, so I’m not really sure how I feel. I’m happy that she’ll have some socialization time with other kids, but a little sad that she won’t need me as much. Everyone will always need their mom, I know I do, but the distance gets a little bigger with every one of these steps.
While folding the clothes, I’m mentally planning to go through their drawers to pull the small clothes out. I’m remembering when we picked up a particular shirt or outfit, thinking about how big it was when we first picked it up, and now, before I know it, it’s getting too small.
Just feeling a little mopey tonight. A little pathetic I know, but I am still so proud. Just realizing, that while they will always be my babies, they can’t stay my little babies forever. That’s both comforting and sad. Why can’t mom feelings be simple, at least once in a while?!