Nebula Jar


This craft was, sadly, a bust. We tried it twice, referencing two sites, but Chiara and I had to give up after neither one worked.

The steps are simple enough, you need:
•a jar
•acrylic paint
•cotton balls

We started by putting some water in the bottom of the jar, adding some paint in your chosen color and stir them together. Add some glitter after the paint is well mixed.


Once the glitter has been stirred into the paint mixture, add some cotton balls that you’ve stretched out a bit. You want enough cotton balls to soak up all of the liquid.

After all the liquid has been absorbed, add some more water and another color of paint. This is where we ran into trouble because the water kept pulling color from the cotton balls below. We kept going though, adding more glitter, then the cotton balls. We did one more color, using blue, red and purple altogether, to get the finished product above.

We may or may not try this again at a later date, but so far, unimpressed.

Sad day for crafting. Sorry guys! 😦

Glitter Girl Photo


I know it has come up before, but Chiara is a total girly girl. She’ll run around the yard and play fight with the boys, but she loves dress up, jewelry and glitter. She’s my princess that can rescue herself! I was looking at several options for her five year old pictures, and this struck me the same day as Arthur’s Lego photo did. They also both required a clean floor, so it was good to get them both done in one day!

I started with sweeping the floor. Even though I had just done so for Arthur’s picture, I had to redo it because the dogs were fascinated by what I had going on. Needless to say, dog hair, everywhere! I had her put on this dress, a cute hand-me-down that she’ll be wearing to wedding this fall. She loves it, but it’s still a little too big to wear out yet. I wanted the color pop in this shot though, especially with the color of our floor and the glitter I had on hand.

I had her lay on the floor, then spread out the glitter. I started with a white ‘diamond dust’ glitter, spreading some on her and around her, just for a little shimmer. Then I went to town with the gold glitter! Her hair was a little interesting to adjust. I started with it spread around her head, but it looked a little silly. Then I pulled it down to be both sides of her head, but it still wasn’t quite right. I finally settled on her hair being pulled off to one side and thought it looked adorable.

As with Arthur’s picture, I had the perfect quote in mind

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

I used PicMonkey to do my editing. It is an amazing website that lets you play with contrast, exposure and a lot of other little things to enhance your pictures. I somehow managed to muddle through before this website, but it is so much easier with it!

Do you have a glitter girl in your life that deserves some sparkle? Make her day with a fun and easy photo shoot. Even if the pictures don’t make it to your wall, it’ll be a nice memory for both of you because during a photo shoot, you are completely focused on each other. That can be hard to do these days!

For other photo options, please check out:

Glitter Candle Jars


This one was super easy and kid friendly. Two of my favorite features in a pin! ^.^
Over the last several months I’ve been stockpiling assorted jars and wine bottles for different projects. Sometimes it pays off!
I’ve recently adapted one of my thirty-one large utility totes into a craft bag, in an attempt to keep my supplies together. Keeping that bag with my scrap poking supplies keeps my bases covered!
I drew from my magic tote, my mod-podge and diamond dust. I used one of my sponge brushes, got some mod-podge on the side of it and brushed it all around the inside of my empty and clean jars.
Now it’s time to let the kids play. I dumped a bit of diamond dust into the jar, while the mod-podge was still wet, and let them spin it around and around. I dumped the excess dust onto my newspaper table protector.
Then you just let everything dry and insert a tea light candle into your jar and let it sparkle!
The original pinner said she used a glue wash (Elmer’s glue + water) instead of mod-podge, but I had the mod-podge handy. Then she said you can use whatever glitter you would like.
The only place I disagree with the original pinner is over when is the appropriate time for glitter is. She says Christmas is the only acceptable time. My argument: don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! I think glitter is appropriate anytime, as long as it doesn’t cover everything you own. Tony did agree that these would be a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas, especially if I put them on a cheerful plate.
Happy crafting and keep on sparkling!
Original pin can be found at

Edible Glitter


Epic failure on my part! I actually completed this pin last night, then I fell into a movie with my family (which was not the failure, that was the good part), and forgot to blog!
This was only slightly complicated, and mainly because I did it the way the pinner suggested, then I had to adjust.
Pinner’s directions: 1/4 cup of sugar, add liquid food coloring and shake until you achieve the desired color. Put your jar into the oven at 350* for 10 minutes and you have edible glitter.
What I did:
Mixed the sugar and food coloring together then spread the mixture on a baking tray and baked at 350* for 10 minutes.
The jar scenario left me with bits of sugar that had no glimmer. I think the next time I try this, I’m going to spread some aluminum foil on the baking tray first. Scraping it into a funnel was a little comical. After I was finished, I scraped the ‘glitter’ into an empty salt shaker (great idea from original pinner) so the kids and I could sprinkle it onto our brownies.
This is definitely something fun and easy that will entertain young kids. Next time I’ll be making multiple colors so we can make a project of it! Enjoy your own experiences with this one.
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Fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar

This one was both cool, and kind of a letdown. It did not turn out as spiffy as I would’ve hoped, but you get that sometimes with Pinterest stuff.
The basic directions are to cut open a glow stick, sprinkle in some diamond dust and shake it up! I did this the first time (as seen here) with regular glitter. I used the glow-bracelets because they are thinner and you might actually be able to cut them open. I did try a second time with actual diamond dust, but the results were the same.
The directions were unclear as to whether or not I needed to crack the glow stick before cutting it. I tried both ways and not cracking it, well, you may as well have used water!
I’m not saying this isn’t cool, and my kids were really entertained by this, but this did not turn out near as well as I had hoped. I’d say still try this one, but don’t set your hopes to high. I was expecting floating glittery-ness and I got this. Sad Stevie today, sad Stevie!
Original pin (aka picture only) is at
The original pin with directions can be found on my board ‘fun ideas’. Look for ads061006