French Braid Bun


This was an elegant hairstyle that I couldn’t wait to try. Unfortunately I haven’t had hair long enough for this in a long time. Chiara’s hair has enough length for this one, but she doesn’t have the thickness to pull it off. But lo and behold, Erin came to town and along came Emily. Emily has gorgeous, thick, long hair. Perfect!
I had fun playing with her hair in general and ended up trying out two pins on her hair.
This one was really easy. If you can french braid, you can do this. Start to the right of the part and braid the hair at a slight angle across the back of the head. Once all the hair is included, continue braiding as far as you can then put in a hair-tie. Roll up the hair, curling up the left side of the braid, then use bobby pins to hold it in place.
Et voilĂ ! You have a simple, yet elegant hairstyle that you could wear to class or out on a nice date. Happy styling!
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