In this house we do Geek


I know I just did a Disney version of this, but both apply to our family, so yes, I did both! They were both so much fun, and they perfectly describe me. After all, how many people are out there that love both Disney and the Fandom life?


This one features the following movies:
We believe in Magic – Harry Potter
We go on Unexpected Journeys – Hobbit
Going where no man has gone before – Star Trek
In galaxies far, far away – Star Wars
We assemble and defend – Avengers
We know the answer to everything is 42 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Family don’t end in blood – Supernatural
We’re all mad here – Alice in Wonderland
The odds are ever in our favor – Hunger Games
All the stories are true – Mortal Instruments
We aim to misbehave – Firefly

I had the second frame from Goodwill, so now I have a beautiful pair of pictures, just waiting for me to find the right spot on my walls…..

What fandoms inspire you? Which quote would you choose for your print?

Father’s Day Gift


This is a super simple gift for daddy. I found this idea on Pinterest and I figured it would suit Tony to the ground!
All you need for this is a plain craft frame, available at any craft store or Walmart. The one I used was only $.98. You can’t beat that! I was lucky enough to find this carbon fiber looking duct tape at Walmart too.
All you do it layer the duct tape over the frame in whatever pattern you like. For the word part, I used a piece of my scrapbooking paper to write

Daddy & Duct Tape keep this family together.

I used basic grey duct tape to make the little X in the middle.
Tony loved it and it now has a place of honor on the shelf above his desk.
Simple and cute? Check! Simple gift for dad? Check!
Happy Father’s Day guys!

Paint Chip Calendar


This is one I’ve had pinned for awhile and just never got around to doing. Today I was at work, contemplating what to blog about today and I decided I was going to make a more permanent food calendar. For about a year now, we’ve been doing a monthly food calendar and plotting our grocery list for the whole month. We’ve been doing really good and it helps us not to fall into the monotony of the same thing every week.
I’m about to celebrate 10 years with Walmart and they gave me this nifty little pin and a pretty award type thing in a frame. The award will go in a file and I will use the frame for this pin. The next trick was remembering to bring home the paint samples. I forced myself to get them today and then this pin was a piece of cake. I cut the top 2 colors off of each Colorplace sample and lined them along the 8.5×11 frame so they were even. They are small boxes, but I loved the way it turned out.
Then you just need a dry erase marker and a starting date for your calendar.
Next memo to self: get a more fine tipped dry erase marker!
This would be great for a family calendar, doctor appointments, soccor games or dinner plans. Pick your colors, pick your frame and have fun.
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Coin Collecting


I’ve always been one to collect foreign coins. I’ve kept them gathered in a little tin, in a drawer of my armoire. Fun to look at, but tucked away out of sight.
I saw this and another idea on Pinterest and fell in love with them both! I still may try the other, but my coin collection is not quite as extensive as I was thinking.
This requires a whole lot of super glue, so just like with the gemstone wine bottle, stock up!
The first thing I did to get started was create an outline on the frame back, so I wasn’t wasting coins by putting them where I would never see them. Then I tried to arrange my collection strategically. I didn’t want all of my old German pfennigs next to each other, or all of the pesos off to one side. I also had some prominent coins that I wanted easily visible. My favorite in the collection is a German pfennig from 1942 that has the Reich bird. It’s really cool!
I still have a bit more to add, but my glue supply ran low, hence the warning to stock up. I always chose a large frame, I’m thinking I should’ve started small…..
Live and learn right?!
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