This was a weird movie for me. I went in to the theater knowing from the previews that it would be different from the book. I loved the book, as much as the ending devastated me, but I had also enjoyed the movies.

The movie picks up with the trials of those who had worked with Janine to destroy Abnegation and take over the city. Four, Tris and a small group of friends are working to escape the city to see if the message from the founders was true. Is there life outside the wall? Can those outside the city help stop the violence going on inside the wall? 

Once they find what is outside the walls, there are suddenly a whole new set of problems. Four, who has always been there to help Tris, finds himself suddenly considered less than her. I mentioned it in my Divergent review, but these characters have always been there for each other find themselves separated by a prejudice they never knew existed.

Tris is “genetically pure”, Four is “damaged”. While Tris assures Four that he is still the same to her, giving me an “awe” moment in the theater, she is still being influenced by David, the head of the “Chicago experiment”.

I wasn’t sure until the end if there would be a final movie, but there will be. Although the drama portion of the movie is wrapped up by the end, you are left with a sense of impending doom.

Arthur, my eight year old, was very fascinated by the technology in the movie. It’s much more advanced than I remember from the book. Flying transports, floating elevators, oh my!

Although the movie has ventured off into directions I wouldn’t personally have chosen, far from the book, the characters are true to form. At the end of the day, that’s what is most important to me. You do fall in love with the characters after all!

I hope everyone enjoys the movie as much as I did!