Fifty Shades of Grey


Right after my showing

Ok, so I’m a big fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I was desperately amused when America jumped on this bandwagon, especially since I’ve been taking crap for years because I enjoy the romance genre. People were constantly telling me it’s smut. Well let me tell you, Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb is tame compared to E.L.James!

If you haven’t read the books, there will be spoilers, but I’ll try to warn you!

The story really starts when Anastasia Steele, a young, innocent college student, goes to interview a young, entrepreneurial billionaire for the college paper. Christian Grey, the billionaire, takes an interest in Miss Steele and decides he wants to introduce her to his world of dark, sexual delights. BDSM for those who didn’t take the hint.
In trying to introduce her to his world, she draws him partially into her “hearts and flowers” world.

I feel they did a great job translating this book to the big screen. From what I’ve read, E.L.James was a very demanding creative consultant, and it shows! Sometimes with book-to-movies the main story stays the same but the details get very skewed! Twilight *ahem* Twilight!

There is just so much awkwardness that comes across from Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele. It brings just enough humor to the movie to alleviate the tension. There is a lot of sexual tension throughout the movie, but it is most definitely not the pornography it could’ve been. Again, I loved the books, but when I read they were making the movie, I was curious how they could make this a movie and not a porn. The amount of sex shown in the movie is very small, especially considering how much swx plays into the story!
There is a lot of shots of Anastasia’s breasts and butt, also a few nice shots of Jamie Dornan’s butt, Christian’s butt that is!
I’m not saying this is a movie to invite your grandma over to watch, but it wouldn’t be too awkward to watch with another couple, as long as your good friends anyway!

As the movie wnds like the book, Anastasia leaving Christian, I am so glad I’ve read the books! I knew how it would end, yet I feel as desperate as everyone else for the sequels!

I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did. Just keep an open mind and please don’t think this is putting women down. It’s about exploring sexuality, and always remember, when Anastasia does say no, Christian stops instantly.