Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite Disney movie growing up. As soon as I found out they were making a live action version, I was over the moon about it! Then March 17 finally came, and now it’s time!

Emma Watson as Belle is fabulous! Little Hermione has grown up and is perfect for the role. The music is perfect, as I remember from childhood, with just enough of a change to make it new. There were parts, when Belle was singing about wanting more on the hillside, where the animation/graphics is a little questionable, but as the rest of the movie has fabulous animation, I let it go.

More was added to the storyline to explain the curse, the town’s lack of knowledge, and to make the timing a little more believable. The enchantress was a little more vicious than she came across in the cartoon!

Most powerful scene for me was the ballroom scene. I was smiling like a lunatic through the whole scene. Don’t judge me, but happy tears for the sheer beauty of it may have happened….

I know there was a lot of anger/confusion/weirdness over Lefou being the first “openly” gay character. It’s not a spoiler, but other than one scene at the end where Lefou dances with another guy, he’s no more “openly” gay than he was in the cartoon. We watched the cartoon the following day to verify.

There were several songs I wasn’t familiar with, but I was informed that the musical had several songs that weren’t in the cartoon. The actors and actresses they had for this film did great with the songs. Emma Watson of course was great. Dan Stevens as Beast was also great. The biggest surprise for me was how amazing Luke Evans was as Gaston! His singing in the tavern was spot on. His character was a little more evil than cartoon Gaston was, but most live action Disney movies add a little more violence.

Disney magic continues, I can’t wait for this to be released to own and watch again. The theaters were crowded, I know many were sold out, but when you get the chance, be sure to see it. Whether you loved or liked the original, even if you never saw it, you’re sure to love it.

Be daring

Be daring

This was a purely indulgent Pinterest moment. I was probably just as shocked as everyone when Emma Watson chopped her hair off. At least she didn’t go insane and shave her head like Brittany Spears, but I can definitely understand wanting a change after being forced to keep the same style for over 10 years!
I’ve changed my hairstyle over the years. Mostly it’s kept between my chin and shoulders. It rarely gets longer than that because I get frustrated with it’s slow growth so I chop it off. It’s a little stupid on my part, but women are not expected to be rational!
The most drastic thing I’ve done before now was going “Alice” with her cut from the first Twilight movie, but I wanted a change, and with my birthday coming up (my usual change-up time), I figured, why not?!
I ran the idea by my husband, mother and close friends and I got the same response from everyone: don’t! I’ve never been one to let other people’s opinions slow me down, so of course I went out and did it anyway.
I had a ton of dead ends from chemical stuff I’ve done to my hair (dye jobs, perms, straightening) so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, and get rid of the bad and start fresh!
I’ve also started another pin-tip, so there will be follow-up on how to have healthier hair, depending on how it turns out. I guess the point I’m trying to put across with this pin is that you should try what you want to do. Am I in love with this hair cut? Not overly, but you know what, live and learn! It’s a change, yes, but it’s not permanent. Hair grows back, so this will end up just being a fun time to look back at, possibly wondering when I lost my mind. LOL
Positive note: My Hard Rock Café hat looks fantastic with this cut!
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