Disney’s Planes


This movie was amazing! Once again, some may question my ability to guage a movie’s greatness, to you I say, phooey!
I have a better opinion too. That of Arthur and Chiara! They both also loved it. Arthur has been collecting some of the planes, starting with the ones in the picture. These particular planes are only available through the Disney store, but my mom loves taking the kids there, so he got quite a few. The day after seeing the movie, we realized we were missing the main character!
The story starts with Dusty, a small crop duster, that dreams of being a racing plane. Right from the start, you can’t help but love him because he’s such a friendly and nice plane, one who is not afraid to dream big.
After trying out, Dusty manages to qualify for the ‘Wings Around the World’ race. The other competitores are a range of planes, from a range of countries. There is Bulldog from Great Britain, Ishani from Morocco, El Chu from Mexico and the list goes on.
Dusty struggles as he realizes this dream may be too much. He learns the hard way that not everyone can be trusted. He also learns that your heros aren’t always what you think.
You are obviously going to draw similarities to Cars. The biggest difference I noticed is that you like Dusty right away. Lightening McQueen was kind of a tool in the beginning and he learns to be a nicer car. Dusty is nice from the get go and he actually influences those around him to be better. The exact kind of role model you would want for your kids!
This movie is still in theaters so I would definitely rate this a must go. We liked it enough that this one will be adding this to our BluRay collection when it comes out!
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