This was a weird movie for me. I went in to the theater knowing from the previews that it would be different from the book. I loved the book, as much as the ending devastated me, but I had also enjoyed the movies.

The movie picks up with the trials of those who had worked with Janine to destroy Abnegation and take over the city. Four, Tris and a small group of friends are working to escape the city to see if the message from the founders was true. Is there life outside the wall? Can those outside the city help stop the violence going on inside the wall? 

Once they find what is outside the walls, there are suddenly a whole new set of problems. Four, who has always been there to help Tris, finds himself suddenly considered less than her. I mentioned it in my Divergent review, but these characters have always been there for each other find themselves separated by a prejudice they never knew existed.

Tris is “genetically pure”, Four is “damaged”. While Tris assures Four that he is still the same to her, giving me an “awe” moment in the theater, she is still being influenced by David, the head of the “Chicago experiment”.

I wasn’t sure until the end if there would be a final movie, but there will be. Although the drama portion of the movie is wrapped up by the end, you are left with a sense of impending doom.

Arthur, my eight year old, was very fascinated by the technology in the movie. It’s much more advanced than I remember from the book. Flying transports, floating elevators, oh my!

Although the movie has ventured off into directions I wouldn’t personally have chosen, far from the book, the characters are true to form. At the end of the day, that’s what is most important to me. You do fall in love with the characters after all!

I hope everyone enjoys the movie as much as I did!



I cannot believe it has been over 24 hours since I saw the movie and I have yet to blog about it. Silly work, interfering with me fangirling!

I originally read the trilogy when I saw the previews for Divergent. I loved it! It destroyed me in ways that I cant fully explain to you until you’ve read/seen the movies, but I loved it!


The story picks up shortly after Divergent left off. The small group of refugees, including Four, Tris, Caleb, Peter and Marcus are seeking refuge with the Amity, those who value peace and kindness above all. I was very disappointed that one of my favorite scenes from the book was left out. I understand why, as it doesn’t contribute to the overall storyline, but the ‘peace serum’ scene was not included.

The Dauntless traitors, led by Eric and Max, show up, insisting on testing everyone to see if they are Divergent. Janine is continuing her search for all of them. Tris, Four and Caleb are able to escape, even though Peter trys to get them caught.

They board a train to the city and run into a group of factionless. After an intense fight scene, the name Tobias Eaton, Four’s true name, gets them a meeting with the leader of the factionless.

Four’s mother, who was thought to be dead, although Four knew the truth, is looking for soldiers in her coming fight with the faction system. It comes across really well that there are undercurrents, and things being left unsaid. Four refuses her offer and he, Tris and Caleb leave the next morning to seek out other Dauntless, the ones who have not joined Erudite.

On their way to Candor, where the remaining Dauntless are, Caleb decides to leave them, wanting to return to the Abnegation. Once they reach Candor, Tris and Four are put on trial, under the influence of truth serum, to determine if they are telling the truth and hopefully prevent them from being turned over to Erudite. Janine has spun a web of lies, stating that Tris and Four led the attack on Abnegation. Their innocence in this matter is proven, although other secrets are brought to light.

Dauntless traitors invade with new weapons that reveal who the Divergents are. Now they are testing the Divergents to see what percentage they are, this was not in the book and a little weird for me! They did leave in the scene between Tris saving the young girl, although it was adjusted to allow for more action.

Janine, after realizing she needs Tris, enacts a plan to force Tris into turning herself in.

The biggest difference from book and movie was the way the message from the founders was revealed.
In the movie, only a Divergent could reveal the message, after ‘passing’ sims for each of the factions.

I understand why these changes were made, as it gives them more opportunity for action sequences, without hurting the overall storyline.

Biggest letdown for me was that Four and Tris were intimate in the movie. That was a big deal for me, as they were not intimate until book three, after they leave the city. On this note however, my friend Jenna, who saw the movie with me, said she wouldn’t wait till book three if she had Theo James (Four) telling her what he told Tris!

They did an amazing job portraying the love story between these two. I mentioned it in my review of Divergent, but this is such a beautiful story of two people who complement each other, shoring up each other’s weaknesses without making the other seem weak.


If you haven’t guessed, I did love this movie and would strongly recommend seeing it! I myself am anxiously awaiting Allegiant!
Any thoughts or questions, message me!

Fandom – itus


So my world has fallen back into a semblance of normalcy. The final chapter of the phenomenal Mortal Instruments series was released. I have had sufficient time to read, re – read my favorite bits and skim back through the previous books and be happy again.
I’m trying to decide if I’ve become a whore of a fangirl. It’s sounds like a joke, but seriously! Harry Potter kicked it all off, making me crazy for the books, until all of them were out, then I had to wait for the movies, but that was ok because I knew how they ended! Twilight came along and sucked me in, those books were all out already, so it was just the wait on the movies. Onto the Hunger Games, the trilogy that took me less than ten days to read, but those movies are still coming, so I still take side trips to Panem. Divergent consumed me, that trilogy taking only 5 days to read, now it’s the wait on the movies there as well! Mortal Instruments I thought would be a diversion while waiting for my other books to release, but the vortex got me again! Soon followed The Infernal Devices. Percy Jackson was a quick read while waiting for the final Mortal Instruments, but still good.
Now I’m questioning my fandom loyalties. My tattoos show some of my loyalties, oddly the only one of the above mentioned series represented is Twilight (it’s a vague reference so don’t judge!). The above image is one I’m considering, but then I think of all the amazing images associated with the previously mentioned series! A trident or pine tree for Percy Jackson. Any one of the runes from The Mortal Instruments. Divergent had some amazing symbols for the factions. Hunger Games Mockingjay, need I say more?!
Does anyone else have these issues? I’ve only run into in the last year for the most part. Is it just a rash of good books coming out? Am I more susceptible to the imagery the authors are weaving in my mind? Truthfully I don’t care that I love so many series, because hello, books are good!


Books themselves are never a problem. I mean, check the Kindle screen! My problem is seriously the tattoo thing. I will soon be the ultimate nerd, but non fans will see the tats and be afraid. Who else thinks this will be funny.
I don’t go off on tangents very often in my blog, this actually was meant to be a review, but I distracted myself. Maybe next time…..



So I don’t know if it’s come across yet through my blogs, but I’m a total fangirl! I’ve been one since before the term existed! I tend to jump in with both feet and fall completely in love with a world while reading the books. I psych myself out for the movies and I die a little when it’s over. *sigh* It’s a beautiful life I lead! Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and OMG, here comes Divergent!
I usually see the first movie, then I go out, read every book and cry when there are no more! Or at least sigh over the loss if it was a happy ending. This time around, I wanted to read the books first. I had seen previews for the movie and wanted to see it. When I caught on that it was based off of a trilogy, I decided to read the books before seeing the movie. The books were so amazing, I devoured all three in four days!
For those that aren’t aware, it’s a story about a dystopian society, where everyone is split into five factions: Erudite (the smart ones), Candor (the honest ones), Amity (the kind ones), Abnegation (the selfless ones) and Dauntless (the brave ones). The factions were formed after ‘the war’ based on what lead to the war. Ignorance, lies, mean – spirited – ness, selfishness or cowardice.
All teenagers are tested to see where their aptitude lies. Then they choose what faction to belong to. The heroine of of the book Beatrice Prior is the rare person who has aptitude for multiple factions, in other word Divergent.
She is warned to hide this fact, because Divergent are considered dangerous.
She makes the choice to join Dauntless. The initiation is brutal and she rises to the challenge. She is helped through by her instructor, who senses what she is. Four, the instructor with a past of his own, becomes a strong ally and helps her hide what she is.
Once initiation is complete, Tris, as Beatrice becomes known, and Four must stop something horrible from happening to their city. I hate giving away to much, and I feel this is a fair synopsis. My blog, so there you go!


There are several amazing scenes in this movie! The ziplining scene, an unofficial part of initiation, was so beautifully done! The adrenaline rush I feel every time I watch this scene is probably the biggest one I’ve had during a movie.
*PARTIAL SPOILER* If you’ve read the books, you will understand what I mean: This scene also makes me a little teary eyed as I think about what Tobias (Four) does for Tris at the end of Allegiant….. Too many feels to linger long on that subject!! *END SPOILER*
I know with book – to – movie deals, there are always complaints over casting, or cut scenes, etc.. I’ve learned to roll with it. I actually was joking with my cousin earlier about this fact. My final decision is that they need to make a regular two hour version for people that didn’t read the books and an all inclusive six hour version for the super fans! Who’s with me?!


Something else amazingly inspiring about this book / movie is the individual character strength. I enjoyed this in The Hunger Games as well, but this was even more extreme. This scene in particular summed it up for me. She’s running along the train, he reaches for her. She says, “I’ve got it” as she goes to jump in. He responds, “I know you do” then wraps his arm around her to pull her up. Both of these characters are individually strong, but with weaknesses. Instead of covering the weaknesses for each other, which there is nothing wrong with that, they teach each other to shore up the weaknesses. Four knows Tris is not strong. Instead of jumping into fights for her, he teaches her to use her speed to compensate. Tris knows Four was abused as a child, but doesn’t treat him like ‘a kicked puppy’, instead realizing that he may be damaged by it, but he’s still strong. It’s just amazing to me that Veronica Roth could write such amazing characters! Rivaling my very favorite Nora Roberts!
If you’re a reader, read the books! They’re listed as young adult, but I’m 28 and enjoyed them. My Nana also loved them! If you don’t read (I seriously think you just haven’t found the right book) at least see the movie! It has it all, so be prepared to enjoy!