Flea Removal


Everybody meet Beast Boy. The newest addition to our family. He’s an adorable little boy, a beautiful sandstone colored cat. We’ve been debating for a few weeks now if we were ready for another kitten. We had to put a kitten down a few months ago due to internal problems that were too intense to fix. I was going to discuss with Tony, the possibility of getting one from the next street over. They had a sign for free kittens, which is usually how we get them.

He instead brought home this little monster with him. We apparently had the same idea. He just skipped the discussion.

The little guy needed a bath, I get so annoyed with people who let kittens get so dirty and gross! I gave him the standard cat bath and while drying him, I found fleas all over him. Ugh!

We’ve lived here for eight years and never had fleas, we were not going to ruin the record now! I pulled up one of the pictures on my life hacks board, sadly no link to credit, and read that you combine:

•1 cup Dawn dish soap
•1 cup white vinegar
•4 cups warm water

It makes kind of a soupy mess, which I forgot to take a picture of. Then you scrub it into the fur and rub it in for about five minutes. The kitten did not deal well with this as his second bath in 15 minutes.

For cats I would recommend cutting it down to
•1/4 cup Dawn
•1/4 cup vinegar
•1 cup warm water
Although it was nice to have enough in the bowl to dip the kitten in.


At first, after rinsing and starting to dry him, I thought this was a failure. So sad! However, in a little under an hour, the fleas began working their way away from his skin, eventually falling off dead.
We did pick up flea collars for all of our little zoo, but now that it’s almost 24 hours later, I can’t find a single flea.

I will call this a big success, and it’s much cheaper than over the counter flea treatments. When trying this, don’t be discouraged if the fleas don’t fall off instantly, it does take a little time to kick in. It will also leave your pet fluffy and soft.

Enjoy the tip for your furry friends, I hope it helps!

Bubble Solution

Bubble Solution

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in the greater Cleveland area, so I knew we had to give this pin a go!
It seemed simple enough, and Chiara and Arthur were already playing with their bubbles, so I took that as a sign. While Arthur was in school, I went ahead and put all of this together.
6 cups water
1 cup light corn syrup
2 cups Joy dishwashing soap (If using an ultra concentrated dishwashing liquid, use only 1 1/3 cups) (I took this to mean you don’t actually have to use Joy, so I used Dawn because that is what I normally use)
In a large bowl (at least 3 quarts) stir water and corn syrup until combined.
Add dishwashing liquid and stir very gently until well mixed.
(Try not to make any bubbles.) Dip (don’t stir) bubble wands into bubble liquid and blow bubbles
After reading some of the notes, I realized some people said it’s best to let it sit for about an hour (maybe to concentrate or something, I don’t know) so sit it did, until after dinner. Bubbles are a little hard to see in pictures, but there are 2 here to see.
I definitely would not call them industrial strength, nor would I call them big.
However, I know I’ll try this again. I want to try again using Joy dish soap to see if that makes them tougher, and I want to get a different bubble wand, since mine is a little wimpy.
Even if they don’t come out super strong, it’s a very inexpensive way to make bubble solution and my kids love wasting an afternoon blowing bubbles!
If you’ve had better luck with this pin (you know, maybe by following the exact directions) let me know. You guys should hear back on this before summer gets in full swing!
Original pin is http://www.food.com/slideshow/15-awesome-kids-crafts-for-summer-85/giant-bubbles-4