Nebula Jar


This craft was, sadly, a bust. We tried it twice, referencing two sites, but Chiara and I had to give up after neither one worked.

The steps are simple enough, you need:
•a jar
•acrylic paint
•cotton balls

We started by putting some water in the bottom of the jar, adding some paint in your chosen color and stir them together. Add some glitter after the paint is well mixed.


Once the glitter has been stirred into the paint mixture, add some cotton balls that you’ve stretched out a bit. You want enough cotton balls to soak up all of the liquid.

After all the liquid has been absorbed, add some more water and another color of paint. This is where we ran into trouble because the water kept pulling color from the cotton balls below. We kept going though, adding more glitter, then the cotton balls. We did one more color, using blue, red and purple altogether, to get the finished product above.

We may or may not try this again at a later date, but so far, unimpressed.

Sad day for crafting. Sorry guys! 😦