Family Halloween

Sometimes being a parent is tough. Diapers, potty training, making them believe that vegetables have to be eaten! Ugh! Halloween is one of the many things that makes it worth it! 

My kids have been great at cooperating on family themed Halloween. I love family themed costumes. Some of our themes have included:

2016 Star Wars: Myself as Rey, Tony as Luke, Arthur as Kylo Ren, Chiara as Captain Phasma.

2015 TMNT: Myself as Donatello, Tony as Raphael, Arthur as Leonardo, Chiara as Michelangelo.

2014 Amazing Archers: Myself as Katniss  (Hunger Games), Tony as Alec Lightwood  (Mortal Instruments), Arthur as Hawkeye (Avengers), Chiara as Merida (Brave).

2013 we had to go with separate themes because we couldn’t find a costume we were looking for. Our themes were Avengers for Arthur and I, Captain America and Black Widow. Oz, the Great and powerful for Tony and Chiara, Oz and the China Doll.

2012 Batman: Myself as Harley Quinn (before it was cool), Tony as the Joker (better than this new one), Arthur as Batman, Chiara as Batgirl.

2011 we were a pirate family. This was a personal favorite!

2010 Star Wars: Tony and I didn’t dress up this year (bad mommy and daddy), but  Arthur was Darth Vader and Chiara was Leia. Funniest thing about this year was Chiara’s costume coming from Build-a-Bear!

Have you ever had a fun family Halloween theme? What was your favorite?

Minion Goggles

Originally, I did have a pin for this one. However, my friend Jenna and I completely altered this to suit our own needs so there is no longer an original reference to this craft!


My friend Jenna asked if I would help her make minion goggles for her daughter’s dance recital. They are dressing as minions for their number and for whatever reason, they didn’t buy the goggles with the costumes. We kicked around several ideas before settling on this one.
We started off with canning lids as the lenses. We tried hot gluing them together, but it didn’t adhere very well to the metal lid.


I ended up taking a piece of the elastic she had purchased for the bands and used my ├╝ber basic sewing skills to attach the two lenses, for the double eyed minions anyway.
Figure out the length you need to go around your head, or your child’s head, and give yourself maybe an extra inch to sew.


Attach the elastic to your lenses, like so.


We enlisted Tony to draw the eyes, going googly, as he’s the least likely to screw them up.
We also tested a few different methods of attaching the eyes in the lens before settling on a caulking like method.


Using the insert to the lid to hold the eye in place, I used my hot glue gun to lay a layer of glue around the edge and held it tightly together for a few seconds while it set.
The girls are using the goggles as headbands, that’s why we have eyes in ours.


This is a pretty weird look, yes?


Here is a sample of our googly eyed goggles.
Like I said, I will be adding a picture of the girls in costume with the goggles and hopefully they don’t look as weird as we do!
Happy crafting all!

Dress-up Dresser


I’ve been in love with this idea since I’ve seen it. Chiara is a complete girl! She loves dressing up, putting on her heels, and admiring herself in the mirror. At 16, this may worry me, but at 3, it is adorable!
I’ve been using a Longaberger basket to keep all of her dress-up clothes and accessories together, but Nana just loves adding to her collection. The basket was filling up fast! The kids are with my parents until tomorrow, so I pushed Tony into taking care of this for me. He is much more handy than I will ever be, when it comes to stuff like this.


This is what we started with. It came off Craigslist for free and I originally planned to use it for a different pin, but it was a little to tall for what I had planned. So Tony ripped out the top 4 drawers and added a shelf above the bottom drawer. It ended up looking like this until we painted it with leftover bedroom paint. Our bedroom is a lovely lilac color, perfect for a little girl’s dress-up dresser!


Tony was super impressed with himself on how this came out. I adore it and was so excited to hang all of her dresses and put all of her shoes and tiaras in the drawer. I think we may end up adding hooks and such for her necklaces. The beauty of this, we can do these little add ons as we see how she uses it and adjust as needed!
I really hope I can get a picture of her reaction shot. I know she’ll love it!
Best part of Pinterest so far: giving new life to what would otherwise be trash!
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