Coin Collecting


I’ve always been one to collect foreign coins. I’ve kept them gathered in a little tin, in a drawer of my armoire. Fun to look at, but tucked away out of sight.
I saw this and another idea on Pinterest and fell in love with them both! I still may try the other, but my coin collection is not quite as extensive as I was thinking.
This requires a whole lot of super glue, so just like with the gemstone wine bottle, stock up!
The first thing I did to get started was create an outline on the frame back, so I wasn’t wasting coins by putting them where I would never see them. Then I tried to arrange my collection strategically. I didn’t want all of my old German pfennigs next to each other, or all of the pesos off to one side. I also had some prominent coins that I wanted easily visible. My favorite in the collection is a German pfennig from 1942 that has the Reich bird. It’s really cool!
I still have a bit more to add, but my glue supply ran low, hence the warning to stock up. I always chose a large frame, I’m thinking I should’ve started small…..
Live and learn right?!
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