Protect your iProducts

5-20-13This was an awesome pin when I found it, but I’m not going to lie, I quickly lost my interest in this. I realized in the long run, it’s easier to just watch my kids play with their electronics. This is a nice little trick to block your phone from changing apps. Basically, I can set this system up, then I go into whatever I app I want my kids play with, then I can let them go and do their thing. Try it once, and always remember, you can undo it just as easily if you decide it sucks! Honestly, even though I don’t do this anymore, I still haven’t disabled the guided access. It doesn’t affect my daily usage.
First of all you go into your settings and click on GENERAL. Scroll down to ACCESSIBILITY and click. Scroll down to GUIDED ACCESS and turn on. You will need to set up a password, one that you will use to leave a ‘guided’ app. Once your done, go back to ACCESSIBILITY, and scroll to the bottom. Set your TRIPLE CLICK to guided access.
Now back on your main screen, go in to whatever app you want your child to play in. Triple click your button (the round one on the front) and a ‘frame’ will pop up asking if you want to enter guided access, click yes.
Let your kid play, then when you’re done, triple click again, enter your password, then proceed as you normally would with phone use.
Like I said, a little disenchanted with this now, but a good trick to have in your arsenal!
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