The Bridges to Rhode Island and Back

Jenna may have thought I was kidding about doing this, but nope! It’s happening! 

I love driving places. Flying can be nice, and sometimes required for certain destinations, but driving is my preferred method of travel. I love seeing everything along the way. You never know if you’ll be passing the world’s biggest wind chime, or some other ridiculous thing! 

This October, I had the opportunity to go to a Rhode Island wedding with my friend Jenna. I’d never been before and was definitely looking forward to it! I convinced Jenna that driving was better and cheaper than flying, so off we went. Along the way we saw many beautiful bridges. It’s a crazy thing to get excited about it, but I loved it. 

Here are some of the ones we saw:

This beauty is the George Washington bridge in NYC. It is a pricey one, as the toll to cross was $15. It makes one wonder how people afford to cross it twice a day! We got to enjoy it for a while as we were in rush hour. You have to take your fun where you can find it!

This beautiful bridge was crossed in New Haven, CT. It’s amazing how different things can look when lit up at night. I’m sure this bridge is nothing special during the day, but the blue lights make it beautiful!

This giant bridge is found in Jamestown, RI and will cost $4 to cross. Very reasonable compared to the GWB! It takes you to an island of natural wonders, so it’s definitely worth it. I also especially love these tall bridges because the view from the high point is always amazing!

This bridge is in Bristol, RI and absolutely free to cross. My favorite part about this bridge was the old fashioned light fixtures on it. They were beautiful!

This more simple looking bridge is found in Providence, RI. There is a lot of water in and around RI so there are many bridges!

This industrial looking bridge can be found in Fall River, Massachusetts. 

As you can tell we were treated to many different styles of bridges on our trip, but we definitely enjoyed the view, both of them and from them!