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Are there any avid readers among us? I am a fanatic when it comes to books. All kinds! Romance, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, etc. I’ve yet to find a genre that I can’t enjoy at least a little. I do of course have my favorite genres and authors, but all books deserve to be appreciated!

Last year, another reader friend of mine from Romania (ah the wonders of the internet era), was flabbergasted that I would reread old books when there were at least six series that I HAD to read. So late last year I promised her that I would not reread a single book this year. Everything would be a first time read.

Here we are, the end of August and I have read 78 new books so far. Not all have been full length novels, some are short novellas. Cassandra Clare is releasing a series of Shadowhunter novellas this year, leading up to Queen of Air and Darkness this November, and I love me some Clare!

My reading log notebook

I’ve always known myself to be a quick reader, jumping all in with a story, but seeing it laid out like this I can’t help but be amazed at myself. That’s a lot of freaking books!

I’ve discovered new authors, new worlds, and new fandoms. It’s a beautiful thing to fall in love with a world and then connect with others who love it as much as you do.

Do you keep track of the books you read? Set goals for yourself? This is my first year giving myself a guideline of any kind for reading, and I’m enjoying it immensely!

Some of my favorite books/series that I’ve reviewed here:

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


Caught Up

Vampire Academy

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Fault in Our Stars

The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

In Death Saga

Lords of the Underworld

And shockingly, I haven’t reviewed any of the series I’ve read this year! The world of reading is deep and wide, dive in!

Lords of the Underworld


I’ve been reading these books since before I even heard of Pinterest. While starting my boards I posted this series to my Books Worth Reading board.
The whole series is based around the idea of Pandora’s box, but with a twist. There were twelve immortal warriors who were created by the Greek gods to be their soldiers. There was a box containing demons to dangerous to remain in the underworld. The twelve warriors were angered when the gods chose Pandora to guard the box of demons. They concocted a plan to show that they would be better guardians, but when they opened the box, the plan went awry. They had planned to recapture the demons showing how strong they were, but in the confusion, the box was lost. As punishment for their actions, the gods condemned them to earth and made them house the demons within themselves.
The books are the stories of how the warriors learn to live with their demons and find real happiness.
The reason I’m posting my first book review now is because the E-book for Darkest Night is currently available for only $1.99! How better to decide if you like a series, than to get the first book for less than $2?!
Check out for the Kindle version.
The Darkest Night is the story of Maddox, the keeper of Violence. He had a second curse placed on him because he was the one who killed Pandora when his demon was first thrust inside him. He was cursed to die every night, journey to hell, only to revive in the morning and do it again. Little did he know, his salvation lay inside a mortal woman named Ashlyn, who has something extra herself.
I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but it’s an amazing story, that only whets your appetite for more!
At first it seems like there are too many characters and its difficult to keep it straight, but as the series goes on and more characters join, you can’t help but wish for more information about all of them!
I don’t think I have a favorite in the series, although there are a few characters I like more than most! Anya, the goddess of Anarchy is a personal favorite!
I’ve dealt most of my life having people pick on my choice of reading material, mostly romance. Now in our Fifty Shades society, I feel my books are positively tame! Certain scenes get a little racy, but nothing I can’t handle *wink* Even Tony enjoys those scenes. Come on guys, give them a chance!
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