Part of me feels I should apologize for posting so many book reviews recently, but then I remember: books are a gateway to another world, so never feel bad for reading anything!
The Bloodlines Series is a continuation of the amazing Vampire Academy series. That’s right, a total of twelve books surrounding the lives of the Moroi, Dhampirs and Strigoi with the addition of the human Alchemists. Alchemists, which we were only briefly introduced to in the Vampire Academy series, are a group of humans who have made it their mission to keep the humam and vampire world separate. They view all vampires as evil demons that have no place in our world, they are to be tolerated, but kept isolated from our world.
Our heroine for this series is Syndey Sage, the same Alchemist who assisted Rose Hathaway several times before. That assistance has gotten her in trouble with the other Alchemists, so she has been offered a final chance to redeem herself. She will go undecover as the sibling of a royal Moroi and a Dhampir guardian. She has to ensure that the Moroi, Jill, and only family to the reigning queen, stay safe and hidden. If Jill were to die, the queen would lose her throne and the vampire world would be thrown into chaos, making secrecy a thing of the past. Eddie, the guardian, is their for more physical protection.
They are in sunny California, where vampires rarely travel, enrolled as students in a private school. Adrian, another returning character is staying nearby as well, but the reasons behind that are shrouded in mystery.
The series is a non-stop adventure, from a rogue Alchemist selling Moroi blood to Sydney realizing she’s not a ‘regular’ human as she’s always believed.
Then there is the ultimate taboo, love between a human and a vampire. This may have been the way Dhampirs came into existence, but it has not been done for a long time. This love is found out by the Alchemists and Sydney is torn from her love and sent to reeducation. Will love be enough to overcome? When that love is scorned by both humans and vampires, how can it survive?
I encourage you to pick up these books and give them a chance. I promise it is not another Twilight! There is so much more going on than a romance. There is witchcraft and old rivalries, long kept secrets and homework. Throw vampires into the mix and how can this not be worth a read?