Penguin Shores at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

I want to start this post by saying how much I love the zoo. We go many times over the course of the year, so we get the annual pass, and I love that it is exciting every time we go. There are animals that may be lazy during one visit and romping around the next. I’ve gotten some amazing pictures over the last few years. They do a lot of different events at our zoo here in Cleveland. They have ones that run all summer, like the dinosaurs at the zoo, which was by far one of the best events ever for the family. They also have single night events, like Boo at the Zoo, which was a little lame, and adult only events, like Twilight at the Zoo, which was amazing! They have other events too, but we haven’t managed to do them all yet.

They have a special exhibit for the summer of 2015, called Penguin Shores, which feature six African Penguins on temporary exhibit. I was very excited to go see it, which we finally managed to see during my daughter’s preschool field trip. The work that went into the exhibit is amazing. They have signs all over the zoo, giving fun facts about different types of penguins around the world. When you get to the exhibit area, they have wooden cutouts of the penguins, backgrounds showing you their natural environment. They set up a beautiful surround.

IMG_2599 IMG_2619

These are two of the signs features around the zoo with fun facts about theĀ penguins.


This is the beautiful entrance to the Penguin Shores.


More of the cute signage. I wish they had made the actual exhibit look like this.

IMG_2645 IMG_2647

Instead, the penguin were in a small exhibit, behind glass. The setup makes it impossible to linger and watch them for a while, like I enjoy doing for different animals. The surface area of this window we’re permitted to look through is only slightly bigger than the portrait window in my living room. It doesn’t really give people a chance to enjoy what has been billed as a major attraction this summer.

Worth going to see, but go in with low expectations so as not to be disappointed. Nice attempt Cleveland Zoo, but poor follow-thru!