Busy Life, Happy Life

I’ve really been slacking off on blogging lately. I hate myself for it, just a little bit, but it’s happening for a good reason. A year ago, we were sitting at home, like we always did at the end of the day, doing nothing. Watching TV, kids maybe playing with their toys or tablets, but it was a whole lot of laziness. 

We decided to make a change, well I did. My son was already in boy scouts, my husband as assistant den leader, so my daughter became a daisy scout (that’s the first level of girl scouts) and I got roped into being a co-leader.

Next step was some kind of physical activity for the kids. Chiara has always loved dancing. Since she could walk, if music is on, she was swaying to it. So she was signed up for ballet. It’s been a year and one recital and she still loved it! 

Arthur is not one for sports. My sweet boy just doesn’t have the coordination or the patience for it. I know martial arts are really good for developing  those, so he has now been taking those classes for a year.

Arthur taking martial arts led to me following up on a “help needed” at the dojo, so now I also teach kickboxing twice a week. That’s been a slightly crazy addition to my schedule, but it is really helping me tone up. Double win as it usually pays for Arthur’s karate.

The reason I share all this is because I’m going to start incorporating some of my girl scout experiences into the blog and I didn’t want to startle anyone. There will be mention of crafts and yummy snacks, so it will still be fun! Prepare yourself!

2 thoughts on “Busy Life, Happy Life

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    You posted on Pinterest the pink 2012 Happy Birthday Longaberger basket. I am trying to buy one for my granddaughter and having a terrible time locating one. Do you have one for sale or know of one for sale with the lid that says Hapoy Birthday, please?

    • I don’t personally have one, no. I’ve found the best way to find retIredell baskets is to look on Longaberger Swap and Share pages on Facebook, or even eBay. My mother has found a lot of older baskets on ebay

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