Phantom of the Opera at Playhouse Square


Last night Tony and I went out with our friends Alan and Jenna to see Phantom of the Opera. They were celebrating five years of marriage and we were celebrating ten years, which was actually on the tenth of this month. We had a fantastic night planned, dinner out, then right across the street to the State Theater.

I actually didn’t realize until recently that Playhouse Square was made up of several theaters, all on one stretch. It’s an amazing setup!


A fun thing about plays, both of them that I’ve been to now, is the wide variety of people you’ll see. From the amazingly stylish couple above (aren’t we cute?) to a punk rock couple I saw, including platform boots, chains and a six inch mohawk.


The seats we had were fantastic, up in the mezzanine, which afforded us a great view of the entire stage.

Even though I’ve never seen a live performance of this show, I feel like I knew every line, I definitely knew all the lyrics of the songs! The performers were amazing, bringing the story to life before our eyes.

I think the most shocking part of this show was the special effects. From the chandelier lighting at the very beginning, to our first visit to the Phantom’s lair, continuing to the chandelier falling just before the intermission, all I can say is wow! The set design itself was fantastic, with beautiful backgrounds. The work they had to have put into each one is amazing, especially considering the different performances put on within the show itself.

The pyrotechnics were very shocking too! Almost blinding at some points. You’re in a darkened theater, then suddenly the candles on stage flare up to 5 feet high, very bright as well! There was a scene with a gunshot too, Tony and I both jumped.

The website said they had made some updates to the show itself, but all I saw was the show I loved with amazing effects!

If you have the chance to see this show, take it! It’s a classic that has only been made better!

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