Pin the Lego Head


Ah, nothing like a good Pin the _______ on the ________ game. Arthur’s birthday theme this year was Legos. Good times!

I consider myself a creative person. Thanks to Pinterest and having kids, I have had a chance to embrace this fact about myself. I am not, sadly, an artistically gifted person. Meaning, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life! For this game, I enlisted the help of Tony, my much more artistically inclined husband.

I wanted a bigger game base than usual, meaning I couldn’t print this picture off. And my printer broke, which always happens around birthday time. Tony took my construction paper stash and, using a Lego mini figure as a model, made the pieces to form this game base. He then made me several blank Lego heads.

When the kids arrived at the party, they were given crayons and told to decorate their Lego head to suit themselves.

At game time, I attached tape to the back of the head, blindfolded the kid, spun them around and let them go. This game is always entertaining. Watching the kids laugh at and encourage each other is so much fun!

Happy gaming all!

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