Elf on the Shelf 2015: Installment One

The kids were very excited to have Iroh come back this year! They love having our own family elf! Iroh has been up to his usual antics, making the kids laugh, while keeping Santa informed about their behavior.


Iroh arrived, bright and early, December 1st, just like last year, and brought the kids some new jammies. He also spelled out a message in yummy chocolate kisses.


December 2nd, Iroh just found a good place to observe everyone. He stashed himself in one of my baskets hanging from the curtain tiebacks.


On December 3rd, Iroh was checking on the oral hygiene habits of the kids. There was some concern from friends on how we would brush our teeth with Iroh in this position. Our elf’s magic isn’t dependant on not being touched. He is allowed to travel back and forth to the North Pole as long as he doesn’t talk to the kids.


Iroh had a little fun with some bananas and a marker on the 4th. He drew funny looking Minions. Chiara spent a few minutes explaining that we don’t draw on our food!


Iroh started playing Jenga in the early hours of the 5th. Chiara has wanted to play several games since then. She was only a little bummed that Iroh couldn’t play with her.


Iroh was feeling a little lazy on the 6th. He crawled into the tissue box to take a nap!

Iroh has been pretty feisty so far this year, and I’m looking forward to some more shenanigans this year!

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