Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy


Another amazing series, from the amazing Cassandra Clare. Does this woman ever stop? I hope not! At the end of The Mortal Instruments series, we knew that Simon was going to become a Shadowhunter.

Thankfully reversing the forgetting spell placed on him by Magnus’ demon father. Little did we know that this would lead to ten amazing short stories about Simon’s training the Shadowhunter Academy.


There has been one book, released each month, over the last year, teaching us something knew about the world of Shadowhunters. The books in order are:

• Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy
• The Lost Herondale
• Nothing but Shadows
• The Whitechapel Fiend
• The Evil We Love
• Pale Kings and Princes
• Bitter of Tongue
• The Fiery Trial
• Born to Endless Night
• Angels Twice Descending

They are very quick reads, I read each in less than two hours, but it is still fantastic. Simon is determined to gain back his past, but as time goes on at the Academy, he is worried that he will not be this person he keeps hearing about. The amazing Simon Lewis, Daylighter, friend of the Nephilim, one who helped end both the Mortal War and the battle with the Endarkened. What if he can’t be what everyone expects him to be.

The stories all feature characters from the original series, some for just one book, like Alec Lightwood, or those who are in every story, like Catarina Loss. Some of the stories are those being told to Simon, like in The Lost Herondale, where Catarina tells him how cruel the Clave can be, but with the lesson that something good can come out of a tragedy. Have you ever wondered what kind of historic events the Shadowhunters may have played into? The Whitechapel Fiend explains their role in the story of Jack the Ripper. I really enjoyed that one! Some of the stories teach lessons about how history can help us prevent tragedies in the future, like The Evil We Love, where Alec and Isabelle’s father tells the story of the Circle and how Valentine rose to power. This book forces Simon to choose between what is right and what is easy and it had a great lesson at the end. The Fiery Trial is about the parabatai ceremony, where again we get to learn of characters from previous books. Emma and Julian, from City of Heavenly Fire are going to be parabatai, and they may not be the only ones choosing their fighting partners.

There are so many great stories to be told from this world, and I can only be thankful that Ms. Clare chose to share them with us. Now we only have to wait until March 2016 for the next part of the journey……

For more about Shadowhunters, check out
The Mortal Instruments
The Infernal Devices
• The Magnus Bane Chronicles

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